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Korean Word of the Day – medical doctor (noun)

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의사 (uisa) medical doctor (noun)

의사는 발을 진찰하고 있습니다.
Uisaneun bareul jincharhago itsseumnida.
The doctor is examining the foot.

의사가 환자의 맥박을 재고 있습니다.
Uisaga hwanjaui maekbbageul jaego itsseumnida.
The doctor is taking the patient’s pulse.

저는 의사입니다.
Jeoneun uisaimnida.
I am a doctor.

혹시 몸이 아프면 의사에게 진찰을 받으세요.
Hokssi momi apeumyeon uisaege jinchareul badeuseyo.
If you get sick go to the doctor.

의사에게 진찰을 받다
uisaege jinchareul batta
see a doctor

medical doctor

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