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Top 15 Things to Do over Spring Break in Korean

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There are a ton of things to do during Spring, and especially over Spring Break. If you still have no idea of what to do we compiled for you a list of 15 things to do! Whether you have money to spend or not for this season, this list is made for you for free!

1. Learn Korean with

KoreanClass101.com으로 한국어를 배우세요 (KoreanClass101.comeuro hangugeoreul baeuseyo)

2. Party all night

밤새 놀다 (Bamsae nolda)

3. Go camping with friends

친구들과 캠핑가다 (Chingudeulgwa kaempinggada)

4. Read books

책을 읽다 (Chaegeul ikda)

5. Go shopping

쇼핑하러 가다 (Syopinghareo gada)

6. Have a movie marathon

영화 마라톤을 하다 (Yeonghwa maratoneul hada)

7. Stay at home and relax

집에 머물면서 휴식을 취하세요 (Jibe meomulmyeonseo hyusigeul chwihaseyo)

8. Go hiking

하이킹을 가다 (Haikingeul gada)

9. Finish homework early

숙제를 일찍 마치다 (Sukjereul iljjik machida)

10. Go to a concert

콘서트를 가다 (Konseoteureul gada)

11. Travel abroad

해외 여행을 하다 (Haeoe yeohaengeul hada)

12. Play video games

비디오 게임을 하다 (Bidio geimeul hada)

13. Do volunteer work

자원 봉사를 하다 (Jawon bongsareul hada)

14. Do an internship

인턴십을 하다 (Inteonsibeul hada)

15. Go on a road trip

자동차 여행을 하다 (Jadongcha yeohaengeul hada)

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