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Monthly Review Video #45 - Korean July 2022 Review - The Power of a Teacher

Monthly Review Video
Discover your new learning strategies and free resources of the month.

Korean Explained #15 - Introducing Your Family Members - Part 1

Korean Explained
Learn how to introduce members of your family

News #369 - The Best Way to Learn Korean & Remember Everything: Active Recall

Learn how to study with active recall

Video News #63 - Free Korean Gifts of the Month - July 2022

Video News
Get your learning gifts for the month of July 2022

Korean Explained #13 - Giving Someone Your Phone Number - Part 1

Korean Explained
Learn how to give someone your phone number

Conversational Phrases #70 - Conversation About Birthdays in Korean - Cheatsheet

Conversational Phrases
Master the pattern to talk about life events using this Cheatsheet

News #368 - How Simple Repetition Helps You Learn Korean Fast

Learn how to use repetition for memorization