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Korean Stuff in Texas – Part Three – Dallas

Listeners Unite!

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In part three of our Korean Stuff in Texas series, we take a look at beautiful Dallas, TX. As with the other parts in this series, there’s no way I can cover all of the Korean establishments in this fair city, but I would still like to share with everyone the places that I have come to enjoy.

Dallas, as one can expect, offers a bit more than, say, Denton. It’s a big city with a rich history. However, like Carrollton, it has a concentration of Korean businesses in a section of downtown known as Harry Hines and/or Royal Lane.

Harry Hines doesn’t exactly have the best reputation but it is what it is. It’s home to the best 노래방, 찜질방 and restaurants. Take the good with the bad, right? So, let’s take a look at the menu, shall we?

(download map)

Dallas Harry Hines Royal Lane Korean Town

– 노래방 – Family Karaoke – for twenty bucks an hour (half price specials on some weekdays) you can realize your lifelong dream becoming a K-Pop star in Texas (what? was I the only one?) Unlike typical 노래방 in Korea, there are no drinks allowed in the room but there is a full bar available. Hands down the best selection of songs, highest quality sound system, crazy comfortable rooms, two flat screens and an overall enjoyable experience. It’s clean and it’s here. No, it’s not exactly what one would expect to see or pay for in Korea, but it’s the cream of the crop for Dallas karaoke.

– 찜질방 – King Sauna – 18 bucks gets you cold and hot tanks, wet and dry sauna rooms, a movie room, 노래망, children’s play room, salt room, cold room, and more rooms than I care to count. It’s open 24 hours a day 7 days a week. The website does a nice job of introducing the basics of Korean sauna procedure as what to normally expect from a full service 찜질방. Those familiar with 찜질방s in Korea will surely feel at home with the service, snack bar and access to a men’s barbershop. The only real drawback is the price witch is substantially more expensive than the price of one of similar quality in Korea. However, if you’re looking for a genuine experience, look no further. It’s not humongous by Korean standards but by American sauna standards, it’s well above par.

– Restaurants – Too many to name, so I’ll just focus on my favorite. 소공동 Tofu House. This place will rock your socks. My recommendation? They have the best 순두부 ever. Spicy as all get out and cooled down with 도토리 공국수. It’s heavenly. Beautiful interior with a great atmosphere.

팥빙수 – This sweet sweet treasure of a dessert is readily available a nearby bakery. I have little else to say about the greatness that is 팥빙수. The bakery itself is a great little date destination. The little concealed booths are neat little feature that I have yet to see elsewhere.

– Grocery – KoMart –  This grocery store gets the job done but it’s nothing glitzy. If you need Korean food and you don’t feel like seeing every Korean person you know, then you come here.

That’s about it for the general course. Seeing how it’s Dallas, I’m positive there’s specialty Korean businesses for just about any type of service or product one could imagine.

Tune in next week when the lines of Korean and American businesses blur.


Korean Stuff in Texas – Part Two – Carrollton

Listeners Unite!

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Part two in our Korean Stuff in Texas series. Today’s focus will be on Carrollton, TX. Again, this series is based on my own personal opinions and viewpoints. There is certainly plenty more to talk about but I’ll just focus on the few points that I’m familiar with. With that said, let’s take a look at something that is of interest to everyone!

Yes yes, the great equalizer. The grocery store. Young and old, rich and poor, everyone needs groceries. So what is a good ol’ country boy with a hankerin’ for some kimchi to do? Where might he go to get some delectable side dishes? Where can he find a bottle of the finest Korean spirits?

H Mart.

(full-sized map download link)
Korean Grocery H Mart Carrollton Texas

H Mart might have questionable financial backing, but it certainly is the Cadillac of Korean markets. It’s hard to find fault in all that is offered. Expect to come here and have your jaw drop.

Matthew Cletus First Time Korean H Mart

A list of products available:

  • American, Korean, Japanese, Chinese dry goods
  • Crazy big produce section
  • American, Korean frozen food
  • Korean fresh fish market
  • Korean, American alcoholic beverages
  • Korean fast-food court
  • Korean-style bakery
  • Tapioca/Bubble tea stand
  • Hello Kitty stationary store
  • Korean furniture, refrigerators, sleeping mats
  • Korean cooking, kitchen, bath goods
  • Korean appliances
  • etc

Products are fairly priced and the staff is quite friendly. The vast majority of workers are bilingual in English and Korean but there are also Spanish speaking employees, too.

Now, this doesn’t even include the small Korean business park located in the same space. Nearby you’ll find:

  • Hairstylists, Barbershops
  • Coffee shops
  • Bakeries
  • Restaurants
  • Private Academies (학원)
  • Bookstore
  • Gym
  • 찜질방 (coming soon)

What I like about Carrollton is, to the best of my knowledge, all of the Korean businesses are located in one spot. One can easily drive down to the business park to get a haircut, do some grocery shopping, and finish the day off with an especially good Korean meal. I always look forward to the drive to Carrollton because of the sheer convenience and shops available.

Stay tuned for next week when we look at the third largest city in Texas. As always, we would love to see similar videos about your local Korean town or Korean district.


Korean Stuff in Texas – Part One – Denton

Listeners Unite!

direct link

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I want to take some time out from writing to share with you part one of a four part part series of Korean Stuff in Texas. These videos are to highlight four places in Texas where you can expect something Korean-related. I should mention that these videos are from my own personal opinions and viewpoints. Having said that, I hope that if you living or visiting any of these cities, you find the videos helpful.

Okay, let’s talk about Denton. It’s located north of Dallas. It’s the home of two universities: UNT and TWU. Although UNT currently doesn’t have any formal Korean language classes, it does have a whole mess of other language classes. Including one for non-native speakers. It’s an international student program affiliated with the university much like a 어학당. I should mention that if a student graduates from the six part IELI program, they are automatically granted UNT university student status. Meaning, they can now take UNT classes – undergraduate or graduate level. Not bad.

Denton has two Korean restaurants: Bulgogi House and Royal East Asian Cuisine. Here’s a map of the two places in Denton to grab some Korean food: download link

KC101 denton blog food korea korean  texas
Like I mention in the video, don’t expect to pay Korean prices for Korean food in America. It’s not going to happen. But if you’ve never been to Korea, then dig in and enjoy Korean food. Your eating experience will only get better in Korea. Expect more food, more side dishes, served hotter, served quicker, and with a smile. In the meantime, these two places aren’t half bad. Hey, one is even walking distance from the university.

Well, that does it for Denton. Stay tuned for part two which has a big impact of those living not just in Denton but all of Dallas. If anyone else has some information about their own city’s Koreatown, feel free to post them!


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Thank you everyone for your videos!

We started making more homework videos so that more people can participate in them and make their own videos, but we didn’t expect that we would get so many response videos in such a short time! Thank you very much everyone for your participation and all the amazing videos! And if you haven’t participated in making videos in response to our “Answer Me in Korean” videos, please feel free to make a video response to any of the existing videos or to our future videos as well! Thank you everyone!!! Keep on practicing!!

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We’re looking forward to more videos!!! Thank you all once again!