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Korean Word of the Day – wife (noun)

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아내 (anae) wife (noun)

아내가 남편을 안고 있습니다.
Anaega nampyeoneul ankko itsseumnida.
The wife is hugging the husband.

저는 아름답고 완벽한 아내를 찾고 있습니다.
Jeoneun areumdapggo wanbyeokhan anaereul chatggo itsseumnida.
I am looking for a beautiful perfect wife.

그녀는 아내이자 어머니입니다.
Geunyeoneun anaeija eomeoniimnida.
She is a wife and a mother.

남편과 아내
nampyeongwa anae
husband and wife

완벽한 아내
wanbyeokhan anae
perfect wife

아내와 어머니
anaewa eomeoni
wife and mother

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