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How to Learn Hangul with KoreanClass101.com!

So, you want to learn Hangul, huh?

Well you’ve come to the right place! KoreanClass101.com is proud to present our newest video series, Hana Hana Hangul! With Hana Hana Hangul, you’ll learn Hangul in the fastest, easiest and most fun way possible.

But wait, let’s rewind a little. What is Hangul? If you’re brand new to the Korean language, you’ve probably come across the native alphabet of the Korean language, Hangul. Compared to other languages like Chinese and Japanese, learning how to read and write Hangul is easy! Hangul is composed of 24 consonant and vowel letters. Together, these letters form blocks of text that can be easily read (and written!) with a little help from your friends here at KoreanClass101.

In Korean, hana hana means “Step-by-Step”. And in this 20-lesson video series, that’s exactly how you’ll learn Hangul. Our host, Amy, will break down each character and sound for you so that you can read the Korean lyrics of your favorite K-pop song or write a letter to your new friend in Seoul!

Take a look at lesson 1:

How to Learn Hangul with KoreanClass101.com!

You can find the first 8 lessons of Hana Hana Hangul for free online on the KoreanClass101 YouTube Channel. The complete 20-lesson series will be on KoreanClass101.com and available for all Basic and Premium subscribers.

Click here to start learning Hangul with Amy and KoreanClass101.com today!