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An Easy Mistake To Make in Korean – 어떻게 or 어떡해

Hyunwoo here. : )

Here is a very common mistake that a lot of Korean learners (and even some Korean people) make.


When you want to say, “what should I do?” or “what are we supposed to do?” you can say 어떡해?

But a lot of people write 어떻게?

What’s the difference?

어떡해? vs 어떻게?

어떡해 is a combination of 어떻게 +해.

So if you just write 어떻게, it means “how” or “using what kind of method” so it does not convey the complete meaning of “What am I supposed to do?”

Well, when you are SPEAKING, those two phrases sound the same, but when you write, it is important to be able to distinguish the two.

So remember : )

어떻게 = “how”

어떡해 = “What am I supposed to do?”

Thanks for reading!

– Hyunwoo