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Finding One’s Heritage.

Congratulations to Alexis Bartlett on winning the GRAND PRIZE of the Mail Bag Contest II!

Alexis studied hard and found a fun and easy way to learn,!

We gave her 12 months of FREE Premium service for sharing a truly inspirational and touching story.

Alexis grew up feeling a bit disconnected from her Korean heritage and through studying the language and the collaboration of the KoreanClass101 community she was able to discover more about her ancestry and become truly passionate about learning the language. This is what she wrote us:

“I started learning Korean because it’s a part of who I am. I was adopted to Sydney, Australia almost straight after I was born, in 1983. I grew up feeling like I wasn’t interested in Korea – the language, culture… anything! But since I was a teenager, I began to grow very curious… I was asking myself more and more… “who am I? Where DO I come from?”…

Since then, I began my endeavours to learn about Korea, and of course, to learn the language. I began learning through a bought text book and from looking at websites on the internet…But I gave up quickly, because I didn’t know any other Korean people with which to communicate with, and it became very difficult trying to learn something as huge as a language simply from reading random material. I got bored. It all began to feel hopeless.

Alexis studied hard and found a fun and easy way to learn,!But then I found Korean Class 101! I downloaded a couple of the podcasts, and visited the website, and I was hooked! Not only did the hosts sound really enthusiastic and passionate about Korean, but they also knew a lot and had a lot to share with people! They always sounded so happy, and excited to be passing on their language and knowledge of a culture and country I feel so connected to. FINALLY! A way to learn Korean from PASSIONATE PEOPLE, not just some boring words on a screen or in a book!

I signed up quickly and since then, I have been going through the beginner lessons. In a very short period of time, I have learnt more than I ever have before! I’m so surprised, and I’ve been going to bed every night, somewhat shocked at the amount of things I can say and understand in Korean!
Korean Class 101 is a daily affair for me! I find it SO useful to be able to take my Korean lessons with me wherever I go! I travel around quite a bit, often going away for weekends to see family. Since I have been learning Korean from KoreanClass101, my family has also witnessed my increase in the Korean language. They have even listened to and watched some lessons with me and learned a bit themselves, simply by listening to KoreanClass101’s lessons! Aside from going away on weekends, I listen to the podcasts at home (often with a computer and the PDF’s close by), on public transport, when I’m driving, and simply when I’m out and about. I also often listen in the middle of the night!

Korean Class 101 has helped me learn Korean in all the right ways! Korean Class 101 is very comprehensive. I haven’t found/seen another service that is THIS comprehensive and includes so many learning tools. I have also thoroughly read through the interactive forums and learnt a lot, not only from the people who run KC101, but from other people who may have more knowledge than me. This interactive approach to learning has broadened my understanding of all things Korean, and is why I am on the site quite often everyday!
Because Korean Class 101 caters to varying ability levels, I have also taken the liberty to even listen to some of the more advanced lessons they have to offer! I’ve listened to some of 현우’s audio blog, and even though I don’t understand a lot of it, having the PDF right next to me means that I’m still able to pick up on things, even though I don’t know all of it.

As my profession, I am a teacher myself, and I know and understand that every individual learns very differently. I have found that Korean Class 101 caters to ALL SORTS of learning styles and methods, which is fantastic. I also love being able to interact and communicate with the people who host the podcasts!!
Korean Class 101 has so many features, but I think the main ones that have helped me learn would be: the ways in which everything in the lessons are explained so fully. I sometimes go into a lesson thinking ‘oh my goodness, I wouldn’t have a clue about any of this!’, but I come out really feeling as though I know more now than I did 30 minutes ago! It’s a great feeling – to feel like I don’t need to go away and learn things by rote. I also love the interactivity of the site and the ability to communicate with the teachers and other students. This has definitely helped me pick up on much more! I check not only the forums, but each individual lesson after I have listened to its respective podcast, as people there

I find myself actually being excited to listen and to learn. I love that I’m learning about my own heritage so quickly. Personally, I have a knack for giving up on things pretty soon after I’ve started. But it’s been a while now since I started KC101, and I definitely have no intention of quitting anytime soon!

To sum up my feelings, Korean Class 101 has really helped me not only learn about Korea and its language, but it has made me excited, passionate and proud of my heritage and background – a feeling that I didn’t really have growing up. I hope I can continue using Korean Class 101 and I hope the people who make it continue to make more lessons. They are very useful, fun and informative!”

Thank you for sharing that with us Alexis! We hope your story can inspire and motivate someone who may have felt similar to you.

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