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KoreanClass Free Lifetime Account: Is it really free?

You want to learn Korean but you don’t want to spend a cent. You don’t want to lose time creating an account if they ask you for your credit card just after. For you Korean learner, we tell you how you will access great resources for free for life and without card or having to pay. This is your unique path to fluency for free.

free lifetime account koreanpod101 benefit

KoreanClass101 is not really free, is it?
Although there are paid plans, yes, it is FREE. Every single lesson that we have ever created has been free for a certain period of time. And every new audio and video lesson (we publish 3-5 lessons a week) is completely free to access for 3 weeks before going into our lesson library.

What’s a Free Lifetime Account?
A Free Lifetime Account is – simply put – a free membership at KoreanClass101.

What do I get with this Free Account? How can I learn for free for life?
Here’s how you learn every day without paying a cent at KoreanClass101. You have access to all of these features for life:

  • New audio and video lessons every week – 3-5 new, free lessons a week
  • The first 3 lessons of every single series – 100+ lessons in total
  • New Daily Dose of Korean lessons – a new free lesson every day
  • Korean Word of the Day lessons – a new free lesson every day
  • Throwback Thursday lessons – a free random lesson every Thursday
  • The Innovative Language 101 App for the Android, iPhone and iPad
  • The 100 Most Common Words List to get a head-start on learning vocabulary
  • Vocabulary and phrase lists for topics, themes and holidays
  • Bonus resources and mobile apps in the Korean resources section

    Start speaking Korean for free now!

    Do I need a credit card to sign up?
    No. All you need is a valid email address to join. The only times you’d require a credit card (or another payment method such as PayPal) is if you want to upgrade to a Basic, Premium or Premium PLUS subscription.

    To sum-up, you create a free account only with your email address, you’ll get a 7-day trial to experience Premium access to KoreanClass101, and after this period you will stay on as a “Free” member accessing all our tool and resources mentioned before. So what are you waiting for?

    It will take you only 30 seconds and a valid email, no credit card, no money asked, to create your free lifetime account and get on the way to reach Korean fluency!

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    For Korean learners: the Essential Summer Vocabulary

    Finally, it’s summer!

    Vacation, beach, ice cream… learning Korean? For sure, between two drinks! For Korean learners here is the list of the essential summer vocabulary you must know to speak about this season. And to help you reaching fluency in bonus you will find a video of the Top 25 Must-Know Korean Phrases!

    for korean learners essential summer vocabulary

    Click here to listen how to pronounce those relaxing words!

    1. 화창한

    오늘의 날씨는 때때로 구름이 끼는 화창한 날씨입니다.
    Oneurui nalssineun ttaettaero gureumi kkineun hwachanghan nalssiimnida.
    Today’s weather is sunny with occasional clouds.

    2. 더운

    팔 월은 보통 덥긴 하지만, 오늘은 정말 덥습니다.
    Pal woreun botong deopkkin hajiman, oneureun jeongmal deopsseumnida.
    It’s usually hot in August, but today it’s really hot.

    3. 방학

    여름 방학 동안 해외 여행을 갈 것입니다.
    Yeoreum banghak ddongan haeoe yeohaengeul gal ggeosimnida.
    I’m going on a trip abroad during summer vacation.

    4. 바다

    Do you know what are the Top 10 Spots you must see in Korea?

    5. 수영

    호수는 수영하기 좋은 곳입니다.
    Hosuneun suyeonghagi joeun gosimnida.
    The lake is a great place to go swimming.

    6. 습한

    팔월은 습해요.
    Parworeun seupaeyo.
    It’s humid in August.

    7. 선글라스

    이 선글라스는 새 것입니다.
    I seongeullaseuneun sae geosimnida.
    These sunglasses are new.

    8. 쉬다

    남자가 해먹에서 쉰다.
    Namjaga haemeogeseo swinda.
    The man rests in the hammock.

    Learn how to introduce yourself in 3 minutes!

    9. 여행하다

    그 남자는 여행을 갈 것입니다.
    Geu namjaneun yeohaengeul gal geosibnida.
    The man is going to travel.

    10. 해변

    여자는 해변에서 달리고 있습니다.
    Yeojaneun haebyeoneseo dalligo itsseumnida.
    The woman is running on the beach.

    11. 수박

    수박 한 통과 수박 한 조각
    subak han tonggwa subak han jogak
    Whole watermelon and a slice of watermelon

    12. 아이스크림
    Ice cream

    Sign up for a free lifetime account and enjoy tons of audio and video content!

    Have a great summer !

    Top 20 Korean Words and Phrases you need to survive the Apocalypse

    Zombies are coming, and they speak Korean! Do you have what it takes to survive? No?
    How lucky you are, we have exactly what you need. Here is the Top 20 Words and Phrases you need to survive this Apocalypse!

    top korean words and phrases to survive the apocalypse

    Click here to listen how to pronounce those phrases!

    염증 (n)

    무서운 (adj)

    해골 머리 (n)
    haegol meori

    무덤 (n)

    가장 좋아하는 좀비 영화가 뭐예요?
    Gajang joahaneun jombi yeonghwaga mwoyeyo?
    What’s your favorite zombie movie?


    Click here to access this lesson for free!

    대재앙 (n)

    무덤에서 다시 살아나다.
    Mudeomeseo dasi saranada.
    rise from the grave

    좀비다! 도망쳐!
    Jombida! Domangchyeo!
    Zombies! Run!

    만약 좀비 공격이 있다면 어디로 갈 거예요?
    Manyak jombi gonggyeogi itdamyeon eodiro gal geoyeyo?
    If there was a zombie attack, where would you go?

    초자연적 (adj)


    식량 (n)
    food supply

    워킹 데드
    woking dedeu
    walking dead

    소름 (n)
    goose bumps

    상상 (n)

    대중문화 (n)
    pop culture


    Start Learning Korean Right Now!

    민물 (n)
    fresh water

    시체 (n)

    섬뜩한 (adj)

    숨다 (v)

    묘지 (n)

    Want to amaze zombies? Become their friends? Learn Korean with our vocabulary lists!

    More sample sentences, vocabulary, audio and video lessons when you sign up for free at KoreanClass101.com.

    How To Learn Korean with Korean Dramas and K-Pop?

    We always see this kind of advice on the Internet: “You should listen to K-Pop, it helped me to quickly progress” or “There is nothing better than Korean dramas without subtitles for learning Korean”.

    How to learn Korean with Korean dramas and K-Pop?

    Can you really learn a language without much effort by watching dramas and listening K-Pop?

    Following this advice can bring many advantages:

  • Attuning your ears to Korean by listening to native speakers
  • Boosting your vocabulary
  • Boosting your dialogue-related listening comprehension
  • Letting you hear a language used in context
  • Learning passively while having fun

    At the end of the day, it seems like a great idea, but in reality it’s not totally true… Actually, it varies! We definitely recommend that you expose yourself to a lot of resources in their original language such as movies, drama, anime, music…for the reasons above. But you will never learn Korean like that.


    Click here to download our free App and listen to native speakers for free!

    Dramas and K-Pop as a complement to your learning tools
    It’s best to see these videos as a Korean learning complement. You need to acquire a certain amount of vocabulary and grammar in order to better comprehend a Korean video or conversation.

    This is our approach: KoreanClass101.com brings you tons of audio and video lessons, from songs to dialogues and cultural insights, and each of these lessons has a grammar focus, a vocabulary list, a lesson transcript and notes so that you don’t miss any points. We give you the foundation you need to be able to understand dramas and benefit from watching it.


    Here are the top 5 K-Pop songs to learn Korean!

    The myth of learning by only watching Korean dramas

    The “watch dramas and learn Korean” concept is just a myth. A lot of high school students improve their English level by reading books and comics, or watching dramas and movies in English with subtitles in their own language. You, meanwhile, might watch all episodes of Heirs or Running Man in Korean but still not make any progress!

    The difference? Those foreign students are not starting from scratch when they use this method to learn Korean. Even though they might still be at a low level, they were working on some solid foundations.


    Basically, what you will hear after 6 months of watching dramas in Korean, while hiding the subtitles, would probably be something like:

    bla bla bla bla bla Hello bla bla bla bla Thank you bla bla bla bla You A**hole bla bla bla You’re so handsome bla bla bla bla bla It hurts! bla bla bla bla I love you bla bla bla bla bla bla really!?

    Still quite far from fluency, right?


    Start learning Korean for free right now!

    The key to learning through K-Pop and dramas

    The key is the amount of passive vocabulary you already have. It’s all the vocabulary you understand when listening to or reading Korean, without having the need to search in the dictionary. Our brain has limited capacity and if it doesn’t recognize 70-80% of the words in a sentence, it will be incapable of filling in the blanks to give a sense to the unknown words based on the context.


    Let’s look at these two cases:
    1. You are at a beginner level of Korean
    2. You are at an intermediate level of Korean

    In both cases, you must expose yourself to a lot of Korean media: podcasts, videos and so on…

    In the first case, your brain won’t be able to analyze what you hear when you’re watching dramas or listening K-Pop because you miss too many words. Of course we don’t forbid you from doing this, but be aware that you are only training your ears to become accustomed to the sounds of Korean. This is a good start, though. But you will also need to start learning grammar basics and vocabulary.

    Our Korean for Absolute Beginners series will offer you the resources you need to quickly understand the foundations of the Korean language, through entertaining topics.


    If you are at an intermediate level, you will need to acquire a lot of vocabulary covering a large range of topics. Challenge yourself with our Listening Comprehension series on YouTube, listen to our podcasts and verify through the lesson notes and transcripts that you understood everything, from the grammar point to the explanation of the kanji used in the lesson.

    Access all the reading, audio and video resources you need to become fluent in Korean!


    Korean dramas and K-Pop can be great learning tools because there are fun and there is a lot of it around. Just make sure to do a little extra work to optimize their use! Don’t forget to sign up for your Free Lifetime Account to access all our resources and be able to watch dramas without subtitles!

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    How to Learn Korean in Your Car?

    How to Learn Korean in Your Car? Learn language in car

    Stuck in traffic? Losing time in your car? Have you ever felt that in all this wasted time, you could have watched the 750 episodes of One Piece, finished the last Super Mario ten times, or even better…you could have learned Korean? Between family, friends and work, in addition to this time-consuming commute, it can become difficult to find time to properly learn Korean.

    Fortunately, every problem has a solution, and what could be a better solution than turning that commute time into learning time? Stop passing the time mindlessly listening to the radio and try some of our best tips for mastering Korean in your car!


    Click Here To Start Learning Korean Right Now!

    You can learn Korean in your car, hands free
    While driving, it’s important that you keep your focus on the road, so this is why our top tips won’t require you to use your hands!

    Listening to Korean audio content in the car is a good way to learn
    This is because it is a fun and efficient way to learn. With KoreanClass101.com podcasts, you will be able to discover Korean culture through topics about everyday life. Instead of the radio, listen to a Korean podcast adapted to your level, from Absolute Beginner to Advanced, and you will make progress sooner that you would expect!


    You can listen to Korean music in the car
    Did you know that you can learn Korean by singing while driving? Listen to songs from drama or K-pop and try to identify some words you learned.

    Challenge yourself! Use the Korean you’ve studied up to this point and see how much you understand! Making the jump to real-life Korean is a scary one, but friendly children’s songs are a great place to start!


    Click Here To Sign Up For A FREE Lifetime Account!

    You can learn alone in your car
    When you’re driving alone, you can be as loud as you want – there is nothing better for remembering your Korean lessons than repeating loudly, again and again. Next time you see a driver who seems to be talking alone, you will know he or she is just learning Korean!


    You can learn through repetition with your passengers
    If there are passengers in the car, it can be more stimulating to learn together. You can set a role play with Korean dialogues. With KoreanClass101.com, you can download all the lessons transcript including the dialogues, as a PDF. Print it out and have some fun speaking in Korean!

    One of the passengers can answer the quiz available on each of our lessons, while another can correct that person. Listening to someone at a more advanced level of Korean or a better accent is positive and helps you improve.

    You can learn Korean offline
    Do you have a poor connection or are unable to use the Internet? It’s not a problem for learning Korean! Before you start your commute, use our App to download the lessons you want to study and the podcast you want to listen to in your car, and you will be able to enjoy your lessons offline. Entering a tunnel won’t be a problem anymore. What a pleasure to listen to audio content without having the host freezing every 5 seconds!


    Click here to download the App and learn offline!

    You can learn every day at your own pace
    One of the best approaches for learning a language is little by little and often. It’s not efficient to take in a huge amount of information at one time. What you need is to study on a regular basis – a little bit of Korean every day. You commute several days a week, and that is all time you can take advantage of!

    You have the freedom to choose the lessons and podcasts you want to focus on, at your own rhythm. You may want to do a little revision or discover how to talk about a new topic. And if you’re wondering what to learn next, you can use the new Learning Paths, which is our customized pathway feature that gives you a step-by-step way to learn Korean without getting lost!


    Click here to access Learning Paths at KoreanClass101!

    If you don’t have a car and commute by another method, these tips are still valid! Learning Korean is no longer limited to the classroom or your house; there are so many benefits to learning in your car or elsewhere. Reaching a conversational level will take you less time than you could ever have imagined! Don’t forget to sign up for your Free Lifetime Account and enjoy our content!

    Top 10 Lines You Need for Introducing Yourself in Korean


    Click here to listen how to pronounce those phrases!

  • 제 이름은 민준입니다.
    Je ireumeun Minjunimnida.
    My name is Minjun

  • 한국 사람입니다.
    Hanguk saramimnida.
    I’m from South Korea.

  • 서울에 살고 있습니다.
    Seoureseo salgo itsseumnida.
    I live in Seoul.

  • 한국어를 1년 째 공부하고 있습니다.
    Hangugeoreul illyeon jjae gongbuhago itsseumnida.
    I’ve been learning Korean for a year.

  • KoreanClass101.com에서 한국어를 배우고 있습니다.
    Koriankeullaseuwonowondatkeomeseo hangugeoreul baeugo itsseumnida.
    I’m learning Korean at KoreanClass101.com.

  • 안녕하세요. 만나서 반갑습니다.
    Annyeonghaseyo. Mannaseo bangapsseumnida.
    Hello, it’s nice to meet you.

  • 27살 입니다.
    Seumurilgopsal imnida.
    I’m 27 years old.

  • 교사입니다.
    I’m a teacher.

  • 독서는 제 취미 중 하나입니다.
    Dokseoneun je chwimi jung hanaimnida.
    One of my hobbies is reading.

  • 음악 감상을 즐깁니다.
    Eumak gamsangeul jeulgimnida.
    I enjoy listening to music.

    Make friends? Want to impress native speakers?
    Learn Korean with our other vocabulary lists!

  • 10 Monthly Goals to become fluent in Korean


    Hey Korean Learner!

    Shortcuts for learning and tips to remember Korean words are useful but it’s even also important to fix objectives to reach every month! What Is Your Language Learning Goal for the Month?
    In your journey to become fluent and conversational here are 10 monthly goals you can go after!

    Click Here To Start Learning Korean Right Now!

    1) I’ll finish Survival Phrases series on KoreanClass101.com by listening to two lesson a day.

    2) I’ll give a 3 minute introductory speech in Korean to my Korean friends.

    3) I’ll finish reading one Korean book by reading 10 pages a day.

    4) I’ll pass my Korean test.

    5) I’ll write 10 postcards in Korean to my Korean friends.

    6) I’ll memorize 5 Korean songs.

    7) I’ll finish memorizing 350 words with Flashcards on KoreanClass101.com.

    8 ) I’ll fully understand one Korean movie by watching it every day.

    9) I’ll learn how to talk about past, present and future events.

    10) I’ll master 150 words by memorizing 5 words a day.

    No money, no credit card required, just you and the ton of lessons!

    If you follow those monthly goals, you will be sure to make some amazing progress. And remember, if you’re really interested in getting on the fast-track to fluency, sign up for a FREE lifetime account at KoreanClass101.com!

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    How to be a Good Lover in Korea


    Click here to listen how to pronounce those lovely words!

    - 사랑해요.
    I love you.

    - 당신은 나에게 무척 소중해요.
    Dangsineun naege mucheok sojunghaeyo.
    You mean so much to me.

    - 나랑 사귈래?
    Narang saguillae?
    Will you be my Valentine?

    - 나는 너를 친구 이상으로 생각해.
    Naneun neoreul chingu isangeuro saenggakae.
    I think of you as more than a friend.

    - 백 개의 심장도 너를 향한 내 모든 사랑을 담기에는 너무 모자랄거야. 백 개의 심장도 너를 향한 내 모든 사랑을 담기에는 너무 모자랄거야.
    Baek gaeui simjangdo neoreul hyanghan nae modeun sarangeul damgieneun neomu mojaralgeoya.
    A hundred hearts would be too few to carry all my love for you.

    - 정말 잘생기셨어요.
    Jeongmal jalsaenggisyeoseoyo.
    You’re so handsome.

    - 나는 너에게 반했어.
    Naneun neoege banhaeseo.
    I’ve got a crush on you.

    - 사랑은 그저 사랑이다. 절대 설명 될 수 없다.
    Sarangeun geujeo sarangida. Jeoldae seolmyeong doel su eopda.
    Love is just love. It can never be explained.

    - 당신 덕분에 난 더 좋은 사람이 되고 싶어졌어요. 당신 덕분에 난 더 좋은 사람이 되고 싶어졌어요.
    Dangsin deokbune nan deo joeun sarami doego sipeojyeoseoyo.
    You make me want to be a better man.

    - 당신이 하는 모든 일이 사랑으로 행해지기를.
    Dangsini haneun modeun iri sarangeuro haenghaejigireul.
    Let all that you do be done in love.

    - 내 사랑 당신은 내 행복의 근원이에요.
    Nae sarang dangsineun nae haengbogui geunwonieyo.
    You are my sunshine, my love.

    - 말은 당신을 위한 내 사랑을 설명 할 수 없습니다.
    Mareun dangsineul wihan nae sarangeul seolmyeong hal su eopseumnida.
    Words can’t describe my love for you.

    - 우리는 천생연분이야.
    Urineun cheonsaengyeonbuniya.
    We were meant to be together.

    Break up? Want to impress friends? Learn Korean with our other vocabulary lists!

    Top 15 tips to remember words when learning Korean


    Hey Korean learner!

    We recently gave you some shortcuts to learn Korean.
    In your journey to become fluent and conversational in less time that is needed to say “Gotta catch ‘em all”, we will this time give you the Top 15 tips to remember words!

    1. Use repetition: reading, writing and speaking words over and over again.

    2. Associate words with drawings, pictures and funny scenes.

    3. Try to use the language routinely in the context of daily life.

    4. Reading as much as possible, especially the newspaper, helps you to remember words.

    Click Here To Start Learning Korean Right Now!


    5. Learn about the roots of words and how different words are related to each other.

    6. Speak as often as possible with native speakers.

    7. Categorize new words with other related words that you already know.

    8. Be persistent in practicing everyday by talking to your family or your dog, even though they don’t understand you.

    Click Here To Sign Up For A FREE Lifetime Account!

    9. Say words out loud so that you can actually hear them.

    10. Associate new words with words that sound similar in your native language.

    11. Listen to songs and memorize the lyrics.

    12. Often watch TV or YouTube videos that are designed for young children.

    Access tons of Audio and Video lessons for Free!


    13. Associate new words with stories, games or movies.

    14. Try to use the new word in a simple sentence so you learn whole phrases, not just individual words.

    15. Try to think in Korean, so it becomes natural to your thought process.

    No money, no credit card required, just you and the ton of lessons!

    If you follow all those tips, you will be a step closer to reach your goal. And remember, if you’re really interested in getting on the fast-track to fluency, sign up for a FREE lifetime account at KoreanClass101.com!

    Top 10 Break-Up Lines in Korean


    Click here to access this lesson for FREE!

    1. I need to focus on my career.

    나는 일에 집중해야 해. (Naneun ire jipjunghaeya hae)


    2. I’m just not ready for this kind of relationship.

    난 그냥 이런 종류의 연애를 위한 준비가 안 됐어. (Nan geunyang ireon jongnyuui yeonaereul wihan junbiga an dwaesseo)


    3. I need my space.

    내 공간이 필요해. (Nae gonggani piryohae)


    4. You deserve better.

    너는 내게 과분한 사람이야. (Neoneun naege gwabunhan saramiya)


    5. Let’s just be friends.

    우리 그냥 친구하자. 우리 그냥 친구하자. (Uri geunyang chinguhaja)


    6. I think we’re moving too fast.

    우리 진도가 너무 빠른 것 같아. (Uri jindoga neomu ppareun geot gata)


    7. We should start seeing other people.

    우리는 다른 사람을 만나기 시작해야 해. (Urineun dareun sarameul mannagi sijakaeya hae)


    8. I’m not good enough for you.

    나는 너에게 충분하지 않아. (Naneun neoege chungbunhaji ana)


    9. It’s for the best.

    이게 최선이야. (Ige choeseoniya)


    10. I just don’t love you anymore.

    난 그냥 너를 더 이상 사랑하지 않아. (Nan geunyang neoreul deo isang saranghaji ana)


    Click here to access this lesson for FREE!

    Here are some handy ways you can master the quotes with this lesson:

  • Press the sound icon to hear each word and read along
  • Review all words in a slideshow by pressing “View Slideshow”
  • Listen to all the words in one lesson with “Play Audio”
  • Add the words to your Word Bank or Flashcards
  • Print the entire list out for your personal review
  • Leave us a comment and put these quotes to use
  • Speak and master even more Korean with our fun audio and video lessons made by real teachers. Click on “Browse Lessons” in the top menu to access our massive library. Then, start speaking minutes into your lesson.

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