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GD Giveaway, f(x) Debut & 박효신 Returns

Remember G-Dragon‘s solo effort Heartbreaker? Well my favourite fanboy and good friend Alex has arranged a contest where he will be giving away several copies of the album. You can check out the contest here! There’s 4 copies of the album to be won from 4 different categories, as well as a copy of 2NE1‘s debut album. The contest closes on October 1st and winners will be announced a few days later.

SM Entertainment (the engine behind TVXQ, Super Junior, SHINee, SNSD) have recently unveiled their newest project – a five member girlgroup by the name of f(x) (에프엑스). f(x) consists of members 빅토리아 (Victoria), 크리스탈 (Krystal), 엠버 (Amber), 설리 (Sulli), and 루나 (Luna).

Since I’ve been preparing to move away to go to university in London, I’ve been too busy these past few weeks to really keep up with anything that’s going on in the music scene right now. But I would have to live on a completely different planet to have not known about the existence of f(x), since they seem to have got a lot of attention leading up to their debut and everyone seems to be talking about them.

I personally don’t see what all the fuss is about. Their debut song, LA chA TA(라차타) is alright; definitely not the worst debut song in the world, but I’ve also heard better. It sounds a bit like 주문 -MIROTIC- meets 소원을 말해봐 (Genie). And the girls themselves look alright too (and of course every teenage girl who claims to be bisexual has a huge girl-crush on the one that looks like a boy, whatever her name is – can’t girls like pretty girls? what is with this obsession of liking girls who look more like boys? everyone should just be in love with 이효리 instead).

Check out the music video for LA chA TA(라차타) below:

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So what do you think? Were you impressed? No? Me either. But it looks a little bit more promising than some of the other recently debuted girl groups, so I’ll keep an eye on them and see where it goes.

In news that excites me WAY more, is the return of the husky, soulful voiced 박효신 (Park Hyoshin). You might remember 박효신 from back in December, with his Hwang Project song The Castle of Zoltar. Things have been fairly quiet since then, which sadness me a lot because 박효신 has such an amazing voice and I wish he had been more active since his 2007 album The Breeze of Sea: The Ballad.

There’s a teaser floating around for his upcoming song 사랑한 후에 and album Gift, although since the teaser is really just the two main acting leads being emo, it’s not much of a teaser and doesn’t really give much of an idea what to expect. But since it’s 박효신 I think it’s pretty obvious that we can all expect one of his trademark ballads in that gorgeous voice of his, and that alone is enough to get me excited for his comeback.

Gift should be released early this month, and there’s plans for him to hold a concert in October to celebrate his 10th anniversary since debut.