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박효신 – The castle of Zoltar MV

There were quite some interesting comments on my last post, about censorship in the Korean music industry. A few conflicting opinions, but I definitely enjoyed reading each and every comment. Thanks, guys!

Today I bring you an MV. I may have mentioned 박효신 before – he’s one of my favourites, with a smooth, soulful voice that’s perfect for the ballad style he sings.

He’s actually been pretty quiet in the music scene for quite some time now. There were a few legal issues that I’m not entirely sure about (some problem with the label he’s signed to, sueing, court battles, I don’t even know what was happening but whatever it was it sucked), and to be honest I was a little worried that all of it would mean an even longer period of silence from him.

But apparently not, as he came out with a new song at the end of last month!

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It’s quite different from his usual style, but I think he did it really well. It’s such a catchy song! I love it.

The MV is a little bit weird though, isn’t it? XD I wasn’t sure what to think about it when I first watched it … and to be honest I’m still not sure!