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Korean Word of the Day - take (verb)

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집다 (jiptta) take (verb)

사람들이 딸기를 집었다.
Saramdeuri ttalgireul jibeotta.
The people took the strawberries.

사람들이 딸기를 집는다.
Saramdeuri ttalgireul jipneunda.
The people take the strawberries.

사람들이 딸기를 집고 있다.
Saramdeuri ttalgireul jipggo itta.
The people are taking the strawberries.

여자는 샐러드를 집고 있습니다.
Yeojaneun saelleodeureul jipkko itsseumnida.
The woman is taking the bag of salad.

딸기를 집다
ttalgireul jiptta
take a strawberry

선반에서 무언가를 집다
seonbaneseo mueongareul jiptta
take something from a shelf

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