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Korean Word of the Day - beautiful (adjective)

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아름다운 (areumdaun) beautiful (adjective)

정말 그야말로 아름다운 풍경이었어요.
Jeongmal geuyamallo areumdaun punggyeongieosseoyo.
It was beautiful scenery indeed.

그녀는 아름다운 여자입니다.
Geunyeoneun areumdaun yeojaimnida.
She is a beautiful woman.

그것은 아름다운 웨딩 드레스입니다.
Geugeoseun areumdaun weding deureseuimnida.
That is a beautiful wedding dress.

아름다운 여배우
areumdaun yeobaeu
beautiful actress

매우 아름다운
maeu areumdaun
very beautiful

아름다운 여자
areumdaun yeoja
beautiful woman

아름다운 드레스
areumdaun deureseu
beautiful dress

아름다운 눈
areumdaun nun
beautiful eyes

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