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Korean Word of the Day - call (verb)

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전화하다 (jeonhwahada) call (verb)

다시는 전화하지 마세요.
Dasineun jeonhwahaji maseyo.
Don’t call me again.

나한테 전화해.
Nahante jeonhwahae.
Call me.

어머니가 딸에게 전화하고 있다.
Eomeoniga ttarege jeonhwahago itda.
The mother is calling her daughter.

어머니가 딸에게 전화한다.
Eomeoniga ttarege jeonhwahanda.
The mother calls her daughter.

어머니가 딸에게 전화했다.
Eomeoniga ttarege jeonhwahaetda.
The mother called her daughter.

딸에게 전화하다
ttarege jeonhwahada
call one’s daughter

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