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Korean Word of the Day - cook (verb)

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요리하다 (yorihada) cook (verb)

친구에게 저녁을 요리해 주는 것이 좋아요.
Chinguege jeonyeogeul yorihae juneun geosi johayo.
I like to cook dinner for my friends.

요리사가 부엌에서 요리하고 있다.
Yorisaga bueokeseo yorihago itda.
The chef is cooking in the kitchen.

요리사가 부엌에서 요리한다.
Yorisaga bueokeseo yorihanda.
The chef cooks in the kitchen.

요리사가 부엌에서 요리했다.
Yorisaga bueokeseo yorihaetda.
The chef cooked in the kitchen.

누군가를 위해 요리하다
nugungareul wihae yorihada
cook for someone

부엌에서 요리하다
bueokeseo yorihada
cook in a kitchen

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