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Korean Word of the Day - beef

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소고기 beef

고베 쇠고기는 맛과 질에 있어 유명합니다.
Gobe soegogineun matgwa jire isseo yumyeonghapnida.
Kobe beef is famous for its flavour and texture.

몇몇 소들은 쇠고기를 위해 그리고 몇몇 소들은 우유를 위해 길러집니다.
Myeotmyeot sodeureun soegogireul wihae geurigo myeotmyeot sodeureun uyureul wihae gilleojipnida.
Some cows are raised for their beef and some for milk.

오늘 저녁은 쇠고기 또는 치킨이 있습니다.
Oneul jeonyeogeun soegogi ttoneun chikini itseupnida.
Tonight’s choices are beef or chicken.

이 쇠고기는 아주 맛있습니다.
I soegogineun aju masitseupnida.
This beef is very delicious.

쇠고기 패티
soegogi paeti
beef patties

beef cattle

맛좋은 쇠고기
matjoheun soegogi
flavorful beef

쇠고기 스테이크
soegogi seuteikeu
piece of beef

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