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Korean Word of the Day - credit card (noun)

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신용카드 (sinyongkadeu) credit card (noun)

호텔을 예약하려면 신용카드가 필요합니다.
Hotereul yeyakharyeomyeon sinyongkadeuga piryohapnida.
The hotel requires a credit card to reserve a room.

신용카드로 계산을 하고 현금으로 팁을 주세요.
Sinyongkadeuro gyesaneul hago hyeongeumeuro tibeul juseyo.
Pay the bill with a credit card and the tip with cash.

신용카드 사용이 가능한가요?
Sinyongkadeu sayongi ganeunghangayo?
Do you take credit cards?

신용카드로 지불하다
sinyongkadeuro jibulhada
pay by credit card

신용카드 번호
sinyongkadeu beonho
credit card number

신용카드로 사다
sinyongkadeuro sada
buy with a credit card

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