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Korean Word of the Day - put away (verb)

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치우다 (chiuda) put away (verb)

제가 그릇들을 치웠습니다.
Jega geureutdeureul chiwotseupnida.
I put away the dishes.

여자가 옷을 치우고 있다.
Yeojaga oseul chiugo itda.
The woman is putting away the clothes.

여자가 옷을 치운다.
Yeojaga oseul chiunda.
The woman puts away the clothes.

여자가 옷을 치웠다.
Yeojaga oseul chiwotda.
The woman put away the clothes.

장난감을 치우다
jangnangameul chiuda
put away the toys

옷을 치우다
oseul chiuda
put away clothes

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