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Korean Culture - (Hyeonchung-il) Korean Memorial Day

The Independence movement of Korea and experiences of the war mark the beginning of Memorial Day as a public holiday to commemorate the loss of lives that Koreans underwent. On Memorial Day, the Korean flag is flown at half staff as a reminder of the tragedy and death of both men and women who died while they served in the military.

This momentous occasion is celebrated every year on June 6th and is in memory of those who died in the Korean War. A memorial service is held on that day in the National cemetery of Seoul.

The emotional and physical scars left behind tell the tale of sadness as South Koreans try to give credence to those who suffered and died for their country. The President of Korea usually speaks during the lavish ceremony that commemorates the occasion.

The Koreans think that they suffered more losses than even the losses suffered in World War II and also think that the war is still ongoing because of the conflict between countries like the United States. They call this “the cold war.”

So the Memorial Day celebration is more than about the dying soldiers, but those who are still living in the conflict of the world.

The historical Korean War marked the attack on Seoul by North Korea and the killing of over seven thousand people. The survivors served unwillingly in the Korean War because they were forced to do so. This is why the Memorial Day celebration is held in Seoul as a reminder of that attack.

In 1994, the Korean government opened up a War Museum in Seoul as an indication of the Memorial Day celebration. It has about six rooms with exhibitions of what took place during the war and about thirteen thousand war items displayed. The museum is located on the headquarters of the army base and has two upper floors and two lower floors.

On the exterior of the museum there are military equipments on display that represented the Korean War. The museum houses a combat room that allows visitors to experience what the soldiers went through during the nights at war time.

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