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Catch their attention in Korean!

Did you know that Korea attracts over 6.4 million foreign visitors every year? And the numbers are on the rise! As the number of people from other countries visiting Korea is increasing, so is the number of foreigners in Korea who speak Korean.
And you have a strong interest in speaking Korean and hopefully, practicing your skills with the locals, and have been studying diligently and following all our tips,

But this does not guarantee that a store owner or the bus driver you want to talk to won’t be surprised when you speak Korean. What does this lead to? More often than not, if you just spit our a phrase you learned by heart and expect the other person to have understood you, sadly, you may be disappointed that that they actually didn’t understand you! But don’t worry, the reason they don’t undestand you  is most likely because they simply did not expect you to speak Korean in the first place. So ir you are in Korea, and have experienced this before, it may be a good idea to say a word or two in Korean to call their attention to you, and  let them know that you are going to say something in Korean (and not catch them cold!).

Try using 저기요 (jeogiyo) which translates to ‘Excuse me!’ in English. When they give you this look of “Wow, this person is speaking Korean!”, it is time for you to surprise them even more with the phrases that you have mastered!

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