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My Feed - Learn Korean the Way You Want!

Welcome to the KoreanClass101.com blog, Feature Spotlight. Here we would like to periodically introduce some well known features as well as some not so well known features here at KoreanClass101.com. We want to make sure everyone knows about all the great features that you can use to master Korean in just minutes a day.

Today we would like to introduce My Feed. This is a fully customizable RSS feed. What’s that mean? Well, for those that haven’t studied up on the latest Web 2.0 technology, that basically allows Premium members to decide exactly what lesson content they want on their Premium feed.

Here’s 3 simple steps on how you can use My Feed to really master Korean:

  1. You decide exactly what you want.
  2. You download what you want with a single click of a button.
  3. You master Korean in minutes a day - in your own way.

It’s really that simple.

To learn more about My Feed check out the video below or if you’re a Premium member, click here to get started now.

(Sorry, the video’s a little outdated, but it still works perfectly for KoreanClass101.com!)

MyFeed Demo

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