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Back in the days …

I was walking in 신촌(Shinchon) the other day and saw this big picture on the wall of a 갈비(kalbi) restaurant. I am usually trying to introduce interesting store names and signs but this week, I wanted to share this picture with you. I hope you’ll enjoy this nice picture of a traditional market/festival scene of Korea (until about 100 years ago) hung on a very modern building.

In the middle of this photo is the picture.


In front of this building there’s a 관광 버스(tour bus) waiting for its passengers.


Reading from the menu that’s written on the windows, this place sell 돼지 갈비, 소갈비, 냉면, and etc. :-) all of which I like very much!
And if you look more closely at the picture, you can see what kind of clothes “normal” or “average-ranking” people used to wear in Korea hundreds of years ago. And as you can tell, all men have their hair long and either curled into a ball or covered with a hat, and this is because Korean men never used to cut their hair their entire life because they believed it to be a divine part of their body that their parents gave them. (And of course they’re drinking 막걸리. :D )


And a little bit more closely. The 아줌마(or possibly the kid’s 엄마) is checking the taste of the soup before serving it, and the kid is looking at her with eyes full of envy (or hunger) :P


Thank you for reading!! :)

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