Talking with Your Korean Partner

7 Lessons • 1 Hour, 16 Minutes
Communication is the cornerstone of a great relationship.
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It's All About Love - Jeong
Learn about a key element in Korean culture and society
17 Minutes • Audio
Got Plans?
Learn about shopping, calling someone, and asking someone out
11 Minutes • Audio
I'm Sorry, I Love You
Learn how to use more "hada" verbs
19 Minutes • Audio
Valentine's Day
Learn all about Valentine's Day
3 Minutes • Audio
We're All Family
Learn about kinship terms in Korea
11 Minutes • Audio
Impress Him By Telling Him What You're Doing in Korean!
Learn how to ask what someone is doing, and the word, "now"
10 Minutes • Audio
Learn the words you need to talk about summer
2 Minutes • Video