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Lesson Transcript

Hi, everyone! Welcome back to Korean Top Words. In this video, we’ll be talking about top 10 marriage proposal lines in Korean. Let’s begin!
1. 나와 결혼해 줄래요? (Nawa gyeolhonhae jullaeyo?) “Will you marry me?”
I think this is the most common expression that people do when they propose to someone.
2. 당신이 내 아내가 되는 영광을 내게 주시겠습니까? (Dangsini nae anaega doeneun yeonggwangeul naege jusigetsseumnikka?) “Will you do me the honor of becoming my wife?”
I think this especially fits more into written language. I think that’s also one good way to propose to someone like you can write some romantic letter in Korean and prepare that as a surprise gift.
3. 나를 세상에서 가장 행복한 남자로 만들어 줄래요? (Nareul sesangeseo gajang haengbokan namjaro mandeureo jullaeyo?) “Will you make me the happiest man alive?”
If you’re a woman, you can say 가장 행복한 여자 (gajang haengbokan yeoja) “the happiest woman”. Yeah, it sounds a little bit long and it sounds a little bit poor taste which we don’t use in everyday life, but I think if you remember and say that, I think you can make the moment more romantic.
4. 내가 지금껏 기다려 왔던 사람이 바로 당신입니다. (Naega jigeumkkeot gidaryeo watdeon sarami baro dangsinimnida.) “You are the one I've been waiting for my whole life.”
Here we have the pronoun 당신 (dangsin) which means “you”. We don’t use that pronoun often because first, Korean people don’t say pronouns that much often. Second, 당신 (dangsin) can be used only in some very romantic case or in a very rude case. When you really want to be rude, you can call someone as 당신 (dangsin). Also when you want to be very romantic, you can also call someone as 당신 (dangsin) because it’s very formal. So when you want to address someone whom you really love, you can also use that pronoun 당신 (dangsin).
5. 영원히 당신과 함께하고 싶어요. (Yeongwonhi dangsingwa hamkkehago sipeoyo.) “I want to be with you forever.”
영원히 (Yeongwonhi) is the word meaning “forever”, so when you want to say, do something forever, you can use that word 영원히 (yeongwonhi).
6. 당신 없는 내 삶을 상상할 수 없어요. (Dangsin eomneun nae salmeul sangsanghal su eopsseoyo.) “I can't imagine my life without you in it.”
So here we have the word 상상하다 (sangsanghada) which means “imagine”, and at that phrase, we can also remember there is 당신 없는 내 삶 (dangsin eomneun nae sam) “my life without you in it”.
7. 당신에게 모든 것을 줄 수 있으면 좋겠지만 이 반지로 충분하길 바랍니다. (Dangsinege modeun geoseul jul su isseumyeon joketjiman i banjiro chungbunhagil baramnida.) “I wish I could give you everything, but I hope that this ring is enough.”
Here, we have the word 반지 (banji) which means “ring”. There is 약혼 반지 (yakon banji) “engagement ring” and 결혼 반지 (gyeolhon banji) the “wedding ring”.
8. 당신과 나는 정말 함께할 운명이라는 걸 이제 알아요. (Dangsingwa naneun jeongmal hamkkehal unmyeongiraneun geol ije arayo.) “I now know that you and I are truly meant to be together.”
So here, we have a very important word, 운명 (unmyeong) which means “fate”. In Korean, we often say 너와 나는 운명이야. (Neowa naneun unmyeongida.) which literally means “You and I are fate.”, which can be translated as “You and I are truly meant to be together forever.”.
9. 당신을 만나기 전에는 내 삶이 얼마나 공허한지 몰랐어요. (Dangsineul mannagi jeoneneun nae salmi eolmana gongheohanji mollasseoyo.) “Before I met you, I never realized how empty my life was.”
Here we have a little bit difficult phrase that you might not have seen before which is 공허하다 (gongheohada). 공허하다 (Gongheohada), it means something like feeling empty or something is empty. It’s more like of a feeling after you broke up with your boyfriend or girlfriend, you can feel that kind of 공허하다(gongheohada), like, feeling so empty.
10. 우리는 운명이에요. (Urineun unmyeongieyo.) “We are meant to be together.”
So here we have the word 운명 (unmyeong) which means “fate”. It’s a very common expression that you can use when you confess your love. It literally means like we are the fate. It means something like we really have to be together, that’s the cause of wheel or something like that.
Okay, that’s all top 10 marriage proposal lines that we have in this video. Which one do you want to hear? Let us know in the comments. I’ll see you in the next video. 다음 시간에 뵙겠습니다. (Daeum sigane boepgetsseumnida.) 안녕히 계세요. (Annyeonghi gyeseyo.)