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Lesson Transcript

Hi, everyone! Welcome back to Korean Top Words. In this lesson, we’ll be talking about top 10 phrases to know when having a baby. Let’s begin!
1. 모유 수유를 하다 (moyu suyureul hada) “to breastfeed”
I heard that more and more mothers are doing their breastfeeding these days because it’s good for their kids.
In a sentence, we can say… 엄마가 모유 수유를 하고 있어요. (Eommaga moyu suyureul hago isseoyo.) “The mother is breastfeeding.”
2. 기저귀를 갈다 (gijeogwireul galda) “to change a diaper”
In a sentence, we can say… 기저귀를 하루에 여러 번 갈아요. (Gijeogwireul harue yeoreo beon garayo.) which means “I change diapers many times a day.”
3. 턱받이를 채우다 (teokbajireul chaeuda) “to put on a bib”
In a sentence, we can say… 우리 아기에게 턱받이를 채우는 게 힘들어요. (Uri agiege teokbajireul chaeuneun ge himdeureoyo.) which means “It is hard to put on a bib on our baby.”
4. 옷을 갈아입히다 (oseul garaipida) “to change clothes”
So 옷을 갈아입히다 (oseul garaipida) is a passive expression so it means you make someone change the person’s clothes.
In a sentence, we can say… 우리 아이는 옷을 갈아입히려고 하면 도망가요. (Uri aineun oseul garaipiryeogo hamyeon domanggayo.) “My child runs away when we try to change the clothes.”
5. 자장가를 부르다 (jajanggareul bureuda) “to sing a lullaby”
자장가 (jajangga) has the word 가 (ga) which means a song. 자장 (Jajang), I think it has a connection with the verb 자다 (jada) which means to sleep.
In a sentence, we can say… 자장가를 부르면 졸려요. (Jajanggareul bureumyeon jollyeoyo.) “I get sleepy when I sing a lullaby.”
6. 낮잠을 자다 (natjameul jada) “to take a nap”
One of my friends who just gave a birth say that like when her baby is awake like she really want her baby “to take a nap” 낮잠을 자다 (natjameul jada), but when the baby takes a nap then she really wants her to be awake because the baby is doing something cute when he is awake. She says there’s kind of dilemma.
In a sentence, we can say… 아기와 낮잠을 잘 때 행복해요. (Agiwa natjameul jal ttae haengbokaeyo.) “I feel happy when I take a nap with my baby.”
7. 먹이다 (meogida) “to feed”
I think you know the verb 먹다 (meogda) meaning “to eat” and 먹이다 (meogida) is the passive form of the verb 먹다 (meogda) . So it means something like to make someone eat so it means to feed.
In a sentence, we can say… 이유식을 먹여요. (Iyusigeul meogyeoyo.) which means “I feed them baby food.”
8. 유모차를 밀다 (yumochareul milda) “to push a stroller”
At these days, we just say 베이비 시터 (beibi siteo) when we want to say something about babysitter, but in the past, people used the word 유모 (yumo) when they want to call someone who is taking care of a baby. So 유모차 (yumocha) means something like babysitting car literally.
In a sentence, we can say.... 유모차를 밀어 줄래요? (Yumochareul mireo jullaeyo?) “Could you push the stroller?”
9. 목욕을 시키다 (mogyogeul sikida) “to bathe”
So when you take a bath for yourself, you can say… 목욕을하다 (mogyogeulhada), but when you make someone else to take a bath, you can say… 목욕을 시키다 (mogyogeul sikida).
In a sentence, we can say… 하루에 한 번 아기 목욕을 시켜요. (Harue han beon agi mogyogeul sikyeoyo.) “I bathe the baby once a day.”
10. 이유식을 만들다 (iyusigeul mandeulda) “to make baby food”
One of the popular baby food in Korea is 분유 (bun-yu) which means “powdered milk”, but these days, more and more people make their baby food by themselves for giving better food for their baby.
So in a sentence, we can say… 채소로 이유식을 만들어요. (Chaesoro iyusigeul mandeureoyo.) which means that “I make baby food with vegetables.”
That’s all top 10 phrases to know when having a baby. I hope you liked some of the words that we introduced in this video. Make sure to subscribe and we’ll see you in the next video. 다음 시간에 뵙겠습니다. (Daeum sigane boepgetsseumnida.) 안녕히 계세요. (Annyeonghi gyeseyo.)