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Learn about introducing oneself
11 Minutes • Audio
A Friendly Introduction
Learn about making statements and showing respect
16 Minutes • Audio
A Few Simple Questions
Learn how to ask simple questions
14 Minutes • Audio
Learn how to talk about nationalities
10 Minutes • Audio
That's a Negative
Learn how to use the negative copula
13 Minutes • Audio
Learn how to ask simple questions
11 Minutes • Audio
Particle Mania!
Learn about understanding the topic particle and subject particle
20 Minutes • Audio
Exchanging Phone Numbers
Learn about counting from 1 to 99, reciting numbers (Sino-Korean numbers)
7 Minutes • Audio
Going Somewhere (Part I)
Learn about introducing verbs and catching up
13 Minutes • Audio
Going Somewhere (Part II)
Learn about catching up with friends and expressing possession
15 Minutes • Audio
Going Somewhere (Part III)
Learn about politeness levels and and how to drop aspects of speech
15 Minutes • Audio
Telling Time
Learn about telling time using native Korean numbers
12 Minutes • Audio
Give Me a Few Minutes
Learn how to use 하다 (hada) to ask for and tell the time
16 Minutes • Audio
Just How Polite is 'Polite'?
Learn about Korean social dynamics and standard politeness levels
14 Minutes • Audio
To Eat or Not to Eat
Learn about object marking particle, new first person pronoun
13 Minutes • Audio
This? That? No, That! Over there!
Learn how to ask for things
11 Minutes • Audio
Here? No! There? Where?!
Learn about going to the restroom
13 Minutes • Audio
I Don't Know
Learn how to say "I don't know"
13 Minutes • Audio
Got Plans?
Learn about shopping, calling someone, and asking someone out
11 Minutes • Audio
It's Too Much!
Learn about shopping in marketplaces and talking about prices
10 Minutes • Audio
It is! No, it isn't!
Learn about negating verbs, negating adjectives, and disagreeing
10 Minutes • Audio
Who is This Guy?
Learn how to ask about someone, standard politeness levels, and channel-surfing
16 Minutes • Audio
Study Time
Learn about making loan words into Korean verbs
15 Minutes • Audio
What About the Audio Blog?
Learn how to ask what someone is doing
10 Minutes • Audio
Whatcha doin?
Learn how to ask "What you are doing?"
14 Minutes • Audio
It's All Right
Learn how to describe things and console a friend
15 Minutes • Audio
I'm Sorry, I Love You
Learn how to use more "hada" verbs
19 Minutes • Audio
I Want To Talk About It
Learn how to talk out issues/problems and explain yourself
13 Minutes • Audio
I Can't
Learn about expressing impossibility and expressing inability
19 Minutes • Audio
After a Long Night (Or Beginner Series?)
Learn how to talk to your loved ones and confess your love
16 Minutes • Audio
HEY!... Who's That?
Learn about expressing interest and confronting someone
19 Minutes • Audio
Casually Speaking in Korean: My Family is Doing Well!
Learn about using the intimate politeness level when speaking Korean
21 Minutes • Audio
Show People Respect with Korean Honorific Speech
Learn how to use honorific speech to show respect to those you are speaking to
24 Minutes • Audio
Korean Commands: Please, Bring Me Some Coffee!
Learn how to give commands or make requests using the Korean affirmative imperative
23 Minutes • Audio
Talk About Your Abilities: What Can You Do in Korea?
Learn how to talk about everything you can do, everything you can do, and everything there is even the possibility you can do
19 Minutes • Audio
What Can You Do Well? Tell Them in Korean
Learn how to say 'well' in Korean (jal)
15 Minutes • Audio
Expressing Desires in Korean: I Want…I Want…I Want!
Learn how to use the Korean intentional to discuss your desired intentions and wants
14 Minutes • Audio
Korean Verbs: Do You Like Shopping or Eating?
Learn how to nominalize Korean verbs
17 Minutes • Audio
Korean Negation: It Was NOT me!
Learn how to negate statements so you can tell them "It wasn't me"
17 Minutes • Audio
Korean Particles: For Business OR Pleasure!
Learn the Korean particle "or"
19 Minutes • Audio
Korean Particles: From Now Until Eternity!
Learn the Korean particles "until" and "from"
19 Minutes • Audio
My Family in Korea Loves Your Thoughtfulness!
Learn all about Korean possessive pronouns
14 Minutes • Audio
Who Was With You in Korea…AND What Were You Doing?
Learn the Korean linking particles, 랑 (rang), 하고 (hago), and 와/과 (wa/gwa)
19 Minutes • Audio
Before We Went Home We Ate at the New Korean Restaurant!
Learn a commonly-used pattern in Korean for expressing one action that occurs before another action
14 Minutes • Audio
At School Today, I Learned to Read AND Write in Korean!
Learn to use the Korean conjunction "and" to link verbs and clauses
13 Minutes • Audio
While You’re in Korea, Be Prepared to Work Hard!
Learn how to describe performing multiple actions
13 Minutes • Audio
Shall We Go to Sinchon and Enjoy the Korean Nightlife?
Learn how to connect two actions in Korean using the아/어/여서 (a/eo/yeoseo) pattern, which indicates reason or cause
19 Minutes • Audio
Because it Rained in Korea Yesterday, We Couldn’t Go!
Learn different ways to give reasons for one's action or inaction
16 Minutes • Audio
I Need to Buy a Sweater in Korea Because it’s Too Cold!
Learn another way to give reasons for your actions
14 Minutes • Audio
We’re in Korea, So Let’s Go Have Some Fun!
Learn about reasons for actions related to the future
14 Minutes • Audio
While We Are in Korea, We Intend to See Everything!
Learn how to use the Korean intentional sentence ending to express your intentions
14 Minutes • Audio
Korean Intentional Endings: No, I’m Going to Do That!
Learn how to talk about your plans and intentions
15 Minutes • Audio
Korean Intentional: Are You Two Going to Keep Fighting?!
Learn about the future tense
16 Minutes • Audio
Korean Present Progressive: What Are You Doing Now?
Learn how to express present progressive in Korean (go itda)
10 Minutes • Audio
Making Requests in Korean: Then, Just Take me Home!
Learn how to ask someone to give you or do something for you (a/eo/yeo juda)
9 Minutes • Audio
Korean Grand Finale: Before You Leave, Review with Us!
Review the grammar points covered in this series
16 Minutes • Audio
I Did It, I'm Doing It, And I'm Going To Do It
Learn about three main different tenses
14 Minutes • Audio
I'm Going To Do It, I Will Do It
Learn about the difference between two future tenses
10 Minutes • Audio
Things You Did, Do, and Will Do
Learn about the adnominal suffixes
12 Minutes • Audio
Can You Count?
Learn about counters
15 Minutes • Audio
Keep on Counting in Korean
Learn about counters
13 Minutes • Audio
Make your Korean Count!
Learn about counters in Korean-- for pages, trees, paintings, and houses
14 Minutes • Audio
A Marathon of Korean Learning
Learn about time markers, location markers, and range markers
15 Minutes • Audio
Is Your Roommate Worse Than This?
Learn about -ㄹ/을 때 "when + subject + verb"
13 Minutes • Audio
The Long Goodbye
Learn about time terms
14 Minutes • Audio
It's Been a Long Time Since You've Seen a Lesson Like This!
Learn about the sentence pattern "it has been" + Time / In + Time - -만
13 Minutes • Audio
Change It
Learn about how to express "at least," "some," "even" (라도) and "even," "so far as" ( 까지)
15 Minutes • Audio
You Might Die
Learn about how to express "might/maybe": -ㄹ/을지도 모르다
9 Minutes • Audio
My Forgetful Sister
Learn about the sentence pattern "before" + Verb - -기 전에 and "after" + Verb - -ㄴ/은 다음에
13 Minutes • Audio
Turn Left, Turn Right
Learn about the sentence pattern "easy/hard to" + Verb - -기 쉽다/어렵다
13 Minutes • Audio
Dear Mom
Learn about the sentence pattern "to start" + -ing - -기 시작하다
14 Minutes • Audio
Don't Say This in Korean!
Learn about the sentence pattern "don't" + verb - -지 마(요/세요)
13 Minutes • Audio
Princess Disease
Learn about how to express "the more" and "the better": -(으)면 -(으)ㄹ수록
12 Minutes • Audio
Two in One
Learn about how to express superlatives
14 Minutes • Audio
Making Smart Comparisons in Korean
Learn about how to express the extent of something by using 'as much as': -만큼
12 Minutes • Audio
A Podcast Called KoreanClass101
Learn about being called: -(이)라는
12 Minutes • Audio
Skipping Out on School
Learn about using "if" and "when": -(으)면
13 Minutes • Audio
Hanging Out All Night Long
Learn about Potential (ㄹ/을 수 있다) by using "might" + Verb: -ㄹ/을 수도 있다
15 Minutes • Audio
Winning The Lottery In Korea
Learn about either… or', 'whether… or' - -(이)든지, (-(이)거나)
16 Minutes • Audio
The Spoiled Brat
Learn about -이/기/리/히, which means "passive voice"
16 Minutes • Audio
Korean Make-up Artist
Learn about -아/어/여 보이다, which means "to seem" or "to look"
14 Minutes • Audio
Express Your Opinion in Korean: I Think We’re Lost!
Learn how to express your opinions politely using, "I think," or "it seems"
13 Minutes • Audio
In Korea, We Do it “Like” This!
Learn how to say "like this"
11 Minutes • Audio
Korean Contrasts: I Know You Love Me, BUT…
Learn how to make contrasts in Korean using "but" or "although"
14 Minutes • Audio
How You Can Get “So Much” More Time in Korea!
Learn how to say "this/that/so + adjective/adverb," as in "so much" or "that many"
12 Minutes • Audio
Everything You “Shouldn’t Do” in Korea!
Learn how to say "should not/must not"
13 Minutes • Audio
How Much Are You Doing “While” You Are in Korea?!
Learn how to say "while" to combine two actions such as "being in Korea" and "visiting your friend"
15 Minutes • Audio
Learning Korean Is neither More Fun nor Effective Than This!
Learn how to say "neither"
13 Minutes • Audio
What Experiences Are You Bringing to Korea?
Learn how to talk about your past experiences using the Korean phrase meaning, "to have (not) done"
12 Minutes • Audio
How Does Everything in Korea “Look” to You?
Learn how to say "to seem" or "to look"
16 Minutes • Audio
How Much is it Worth to You in Korean?
Learn how to express that something is "worthy of" something
17 Minutes • Audio
The "Only" One You Want in Korea!
Learn how to say "just" and "only"
16 Minutes • Audio
We “Only” Sell Small Korean Clothes Here!
Learn how to say "only/nothing but"
14 Minutes • Audio
Korean Conjunctions: Add Seaweed, and Meat, and Garlic!
Learn how to join nouns in Korean sentences using the Korean conjunctions랑/ -하고, meaning, "and/with"
14 Minutes • Audio
Express Purpose in Korean: Please Come “to” Pick it Up!
Learn how to express purpose using "to/in order to"
13 Minutes • Audio
The Extent of Your Korean: It’s So Short You Regret it?
Learn how to discuss the extent of something by using Korean phrases such as, "to the extent where" and "so much that"
14 Minutes • Audio
You “Must Be” Studying Korean at KoreanClass101!
Learn how to say "I am sure," and "It must be"
12 Minutes • Audio
“Can’t You See” Every Boy in Korea Loves Her!
Learn how to say "you know" and "can't you see"
11 Minutes • Audio
Express Frequency: You Study Korean Six Hours a Day!?
Learn how to express frequency, allocated amounts, or numbers
12 Minutes • Audio
Accidents: I Lost My Wallet and Broke my Phone in Korea!
Learn how to discuss things that happen by accident
12 Minutes • Audio
Making Plans in Korean: Do You “Plan to” Go Out, Too?
Learn how to talk about your plans using the Korean structure meaning, "to be going to," "to plan to," and "to decide to"
13 Minutes • Audio
In the Korean Museum, Don’t Roam but Just Be Still!
Learn how to use the Korean structure meaning, "don't do (A), but do (B)"
12 Minutes • Audio
“It Happens That” I Have to Go on a Korean Business Trip!
Learn how to say "it happens that" and "circumstances are that"
11 Minutes • Audio
“Depending on” the Weather, We’ll Visit a Korean Park!
Learn how to say "it depends on" or "depending on"
11 Minutes • Audio
Express Regret: “I Should Have” Taken the Korean Subway!
Learn how to talk about your regrets using the Korean phrase meaning, "I should have"
13 Minutes • Audio
“All You Have to Do” is Come to My Party in Korea!
Learn how to say "All you have to do is"
12 Minutes • Audio
Do You Know How to Get the Answers You Need in Korean?
Learn how to use the most common Korean sentences ending, which implies that you are waiting for a response from the person whom you are speaking with
15 Minutes • Audio
Ask Questions in Korean in a Way No One Can Resist!
Learn how to form indirect and polite questions in Korean
15 Minutes • Audio
Making Plans in Korea Is Very Difficult if You Don't Ask the Right Questions!
Learn another Korean sentence ending to help you form questions
13 Minutes • Audio
Check Out the Reactions You Can Get in Korea with This!
Learn about a Korean sentence ending that will elicit agreement or a reaction of some sort from the person you are speaking to
12 Minutes • Audio
The More You Study This Korean Lesson, the More You Will Love it!
Learn how to form sentences using the construction "The more [A], the more [B]"
15 Minutes • Audio
Hold Onto Your Hats! This Korean Lesson is Chock-FULL of Surprises!
Learn how to express disbelief or surprise in Korean when someone says something shocking or unbelievable
15 Minutes • Audio
You Mean…Learning Korean Can Be This Much Fun Every Day?!
Learn how to express that you are shocked or surprised that someone is going to do something in both the present and in the future
13 Minutes • Audio
You Have Limitless Possibilities When You Learn to Speak Korean!
Learn how to describe things you might do in the future
13 Minutes • Audio
There Might Be a Meeting.
Learn how to describe what might happen in the future
11 Minutes • Audio
If Only the Price Were Right in Korea!
Learn how to say "only" and "just"
14 Minutes • Audio
He Said He Would Come Late.
Learn how to report what someone else said
16 Minutes • Audio
When You Consider the Price, Don't You Want to Shop in Korea?
Learn how to make comparisons
14 Minutes • Audio
"Even If" You Fly, You Might Still Be Late in Korea!
Learn how to use the Korean equivalent of the phrase "even if"
13 Minutes • Audio
Stuck in the Middle (of Korea) With You!
Learn how to explain to someone that you're "in the middle of doing" something,
14 Minutes • Audio
It's Easy to Get Caught Up in Learning Korean!
Learn how to say that something is "easy to do" or "difficult to do"
13 Minutes • Audio
"What If" Someone Stole Your Korean Identity?
Learn how to say the Korean equivalent of "what if"
11 Minutes • Audio
I'm Thinking of Learning Korean, but I'm Not Sure…
Learn how to express your expected plans
11 Minutes • Audio
Rather than Agree with You in Korean, I'll Always Take the Other Side!
Learn how to tell someone that you disagree
11 Minutes • Audio
What Will You "End Up Doing" to Meet Your Korean Project's Deadline?
Learn how to say the Korean equivalent of "ending up doing something you didn't intend to do" because of external influences
10 Minutes • Audio
"In Order to" Learn Korean, What Should You Do?
Learn Korean in no time at all
10 Minutes • Audio
Time Flies When You're Having Fun in Korea
Learn how to tell someone how much time has passed since you last did something or saw someone
11 Minutes • Audio
Come on, You Know You Want to Learn Korean!
Learn how to say that you "want to try" to do something
11 Minutes • Audio
Where Are You Going to Put All This Stuff in Korea?
Learn how to use the Korean particles to say where you are going to do, place, or put something, among other things
10 Minutes • Audio
Are You Sick to Death of Waiting for Your Friends in Korea?
Learn how to amp up your melodramatic side by learning how to say you are "sick to death" of something
10 Minutes • Audio