Top 20 Lessons You Must Do When Living in Korea

20 Lessons • 3 Hours, 45 Minutes
Moving to Korea? Great! These lessons will help your move go smoothly and help you be prepared for your first week in Korea.
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Learn about introducing oneself
11 Minutes • Audio
Learn how to talk about nationalities
10 Minutes • Audio
Exchanging Phone Numbers
Learn about counting from 1 to 99, reciting numbers (Sino-Korean numbers)
7 Minutes • Audio
Show People Respect with Korean Honorific Speech
Learn how to use honorific speech to show respect to those you are speaking to
24 Minutes • Audio
Ordering Food at a Korean Restaurant
Learn how to order items using honorific Korean
12 Minutes • Audio
How to Order Food in A Korean Restaurant
Learn how to order food in a Korean restaurant
10 Minutes • Video
While You’re in Korea, Be Prepared to Work Hard!
Learn how to describe performing multiple actions
13 Minutes • Audio
Don't Say This in Korean!
Learn about the sentence pattern "don't" + verb - -지 마(요/세요)
13 Minutes • Audio
How to Ride A Bus in Korea
Learn how to ride a bus in Korea
11 Minutes • Video
Turn Left, Turn Right
Learn about the sentence pattern "easy/hard to" + Verb - -기 쉽다/어렵다
13 Minutes • Audio
Getting Korean Directions
Listen to a conversation about getting directions
2 Minutes • Video
If Only the Price Were Right in Korea!
Learn how to say "only" and "just"
14 Minutes • Audio
When You Consider the Price, Don't You Want to Shop in Korea?
Learn how to make comparisons
14 Minutes • Audio
Talking about the Korean Weather
Learn how to talk about the weather in detail
13 Minutes • Audio
Listening to a Korean Forecast
Listen to a weather report
1 Minute • Video
A Visit to a Korean Doctor
Learn how to talk to medical professionals in honorific Korean
11 Minutes • Audio
Which Korean Medicine Should You Take and When?
Learn how to understand simple requests and instructions
13 Minutes • Audio
Talking About Medicines in Korean
Listen to a conversation about when and which medicines to take for an illness
2 Minutes • Video
Sending a Package from Korea
Learn how to talk to postal workers in honorific Korean
12 Minutes • Audio
How Can This Korean Apartment be so Expensive?
Learn how to ask about apartment rental prices in honorific Korean
12 Minutes • Audio