Introductions and Basic Tenses in Korean: Korean Newbie

75 Lessons • 15 Hours, 33 Minutes
Learn everything about Korean grammar with these lessons!
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First Encounters
Learn about greeting someone for the first time
12 Minutes • Audio
Secondary Introductions
Learn about saying your name
12 Minutes • Audio
Thank You
Learn about thanking someone
12 Minutes • Audio
Learn about saying goodbye
9 Minutes • Audio
Calling on Skype
Learn about saying "hello" over the telephone
10 Minutes • Audio
Calling on Skype II (How Ya Been?)
Learn about asking about other people and asking how one has been
12 Minutes • Audio
I'm Hungry
Learn about saying you're hungry, saying you're full, and using the adverb, "many"
12 Minutes • Audio
I Like Kimchi
Learn about talking about likes and interests
14 Minutes • Audio
I Still Like Kimchi. I Don’t Like You.
Learn about expressing dislikes
11 Minutes • Audio
Why Kimchi? Why?!
Learn how to ask "Why?"
12 Minutes • Audio
Is He Here?
Learn about asking if someone is there and hearing intimate politeness levels
15 Minutes • Audio
Learn about asking questions
12 Minutes • Audio
I Confess!
Learn about using possessive adjectives, using "this" and "that"
13 Minutes • Audio
I'm Sorry. I'm So Sorry.
Learn about apologizing and admitting errors
12 Minutes • Audio
How Many... Roaches!
Learn about counting, using native Korean-numbers
10 Minutes • Audio
Really... How Old Are You?
Learn about asking someone's age and reciting numbers 21 to 39
12 Minutes • Audio
What Day Is It?
Learn about reciting dates and asking someone's birthday
17 Minutes • Audio
What Time Is It?
Learn about asking the time and telling time
11 Minutes • Audio
What Day Is It?
Learn how to say the days of the week
16 Minutes • Audio
A Present
Learn about giving presents and possessing something
12 Minutes • Audio
Money Money Money!
Learn about counting money
20 Minutes • Audio
Hey Mister!
Learn about using titles and calling strangers
13 Minutes • Audio
Gimme Gimme Gimme
Learn about asking for things and waking up in a stranger's house
13 Minutes • Audio
Up, Down, Left, Right
Learn about asking for directions and looking for something
16 Minutes • Audio
You Got Served!
Learn about getting revenge, getting some money, and threatening someone
16 Minutes • Audio
Surprises in Korean: Wow! I Love Surprises, Too!
Learn how to say "Tada"
16 Minutes • Audio
Learn When to Say When in Korea!
Learn how to say "when" in Korean, as well as "so/therefore"
13 Minutes • Audio
So…Do You Have a Girlfriend in Korea?
Learn how to say "I have"
12 Minutes • Audio
"Only" What You Need to Know in Korea!
Learn how to make that stubborn waiter go away by teaching you how to say "only"
12 Minutes • Audio
Can You tell Them “I Quit!” in Korean?
Learn how to say, "I quit"
11 Minutes • Audio
Korean Numbers: Let’s Count Everything!
Learn how to make proposative statements in Korean, using "let's"
14 Minutes • Audio
Prices in Korea: I Want This AND This AND This!
Learn a very crucial word
16 Minutes • Audio
The Art of Persuasion in Korea: Come on! Let’s Do It Now!
Learn how to persuade people to do what you want using Korean propositive statements such as "let's go"
11 Minutes • Audio
Some Important Colors to Know in Korea!!
Learn how to say "hurry up"
13 Minutes • Audio
Get Their Attention…and Get What You Want in Korea!
Learn how to make requests in Korean with the phrase, "please give me"
12 Minutes • Audio
Be Careful! The Korean Food We Serve Here is HOT!
Learn how to say "be careful, it's hot,"
12 Minutes • Audio
Do “You Know” Where You Are Going in Korea?
Learn how to say "I (don't) know (something)"
11 Minutes • Audio
You Don’t Have to Be So Mean in Korea!
Learn how to say something hurts or something is bad
11 Minutes • Audio
Tell Him What You Want to Eat and Drink in Korean!
Learn how to say 'I want to' - go sipda
12 Minutes • Audio
The Korean Sights are Prettier Than Anywhere Else!
Learn how to make comparisons
13 Minutes • Audio
Does Everyone in Korea Speak too Fast for You??
Learn how to say 'too, excessively' - neomu, and 'fast' - ppallayo
13 Minutes • Audio
Why Does She Cry for No Reason in Korea?
Learn how to ask 'why' - wae , and how to say 'just' - geunyang
14 Minutes • Audio
What Kind of Places Do You Like to Visit in Korea?
Learn how to say 'a lot' - mani, and how to ask 'what kind of' - museun
10 Minutes • Audio
Don’t Sleep All Day, But Shop and Go Sightseeing in Korea!
Learn how to say 'not A but B' -malgo, and about some names of colors
13 Minutes • Audio
Of Course! We Can Do That in Korea!
Learn how to say that you can do something, -hal su isseo, and how to say 'of course' - dangyeonhaji
12 Minutes • Audio
Discussing the Weather: Cool Down This summer in Korea!
Learn how to say 'it's hot' - deowo, and how to say 'it's cold' - chuwo
11 Minutes • Audio
Tell Them What “This” is in Korean!
Learn how to say 'this' - igeo, and 'what' - mwo
12 Minutes • Audio
Korean Politeness Levels: Do You Have What They Need?
Learn about Korean politeness levels
14 Minutes • Audio
Are You Good at Cooking Korean Food…or Not?
Learn how to say 'I'm good at something' - jal hae, and 'I'm bad at something' - mot hae
13 Minutes • Audio
Korean Comparisons: I Like Mommy Better “Than” Daddy!
Learn how to make comparisons using "(more) than"
12 Minutes • Audio
Impress Him By Telling Him What You're Doing in Korean!
Learn how to ask what someone is doing, and the word, "now"
10 Minutes • Audio
She Tricked Me Into Buying Everything In Korea!
Learn how to say "buy"
10 Minutes • Audio
Can't Go On Much Further; Must Have Korean Food!
Learn how to say "I'm hungry"
10 Minutes • Audio
Get "More" Out of Korea!
Learn how to say "it's difficult" or "it's easy"
11 Minutes • Audio
The Worst Time to Go "Next" in Korea!
Learn how to talk about the order of actions using the words "first" and "next"
9 Minutes • Audio
Impossibility: Can You Say What Others Can’t in Korea?
Learn how to say "no, you can't / no, I can't / it doesn't work / one shouldn't,"
9 Minutes • Audio
In That Case, Do You Want to See More of Korea?
Learn how to say, "in that case / then / if so"
10 Minutes • Audio
It’s Not Hard to Admit That You’re Embarrassed in Korean!
Learn how to say "I'm embarrassed" or "What a shame"
10 Minutes • Audio
Get What You Want in Korea: How About Today…or Now?
Learn how to use the Korean expression meaning, "what is it like" or "how is it?"
9 Minutes • Audio
Find Everything You Want to Do in Korea Right Here!
Learn how to talk about what you want to do
10 Minutes • Audio
Discussing Prices in Korean: How Much Did You Say??
Learn how to comment on prices, such as saying "it's expensive" or "it's cheap"
12 Minutes • Audio
Make Sure Everybody Gets “Whatever” They Want in Korea!
Learn how to say "shall I give you" and "give me"
12 Minutes • Audio
The Hottest Phrase You’ll Want to Know in Korea!
Learn how to say a very helpful phrase
12 Minutes • Audio
Tell Them to “Get Out” More Often in Korea!
Learn how to say "Get out"
14 Minutes • Audio
Don’t Let Them Leave You Behind in Korea: Wait for Me!
Learn how to keep your friends waiting by using the Korean phrase meaning "wait"
10 Minutes • Audio
Is There Too Much Salt in Your Korean Food?
Learn how to say "it's salty" and "it's flat"
9 Minutes • Audio
How Can You Tell Them It’s Not Very Good in Korean?
Learn how to say the Korean phrase meaning "so-so" or "not very good"
9 Minutes • Audio
Did You Say the One “On Top” or “Underneath” in Korean?
Learn how to say "on top of" and "below"
11 Minutes • Audio
Korean Numbers: No, It’s Your Turn to Count to Twenty!!
Learn about Korean native numbers
12 Minutes • Audio
Which Day of the Week Did You Say in Korean?
Learn how to say the days of the week
11 Minutes • Audio
Learn How to Get More of What You Want in Korea!
Learn how to say "more"
10 Minutes • Audio
Who Will Speak Korean “First?”
Learn how to talk about who or what is going "first"
9 Minutes • Audio
Are You Going to Buy This in Korea?
Learn how to form statements and questions using the Korean verb meaning "buy it"
9 Minutes • Audio
How to Get Plenty of Phone Numbers in Korea!
Learn how to say "phone call, telephone"
10 Minutes • Audio
What Does Your Profession Say About You in Korea?
Learn how to ask about professions using the Korean phrase meaning "What do you do?"
12 Minutes • Audio