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꽃보다 남자 (boys over flowers) ^^

Discuss Korean movies and TV.
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Postby JadeFantasy » June 22nd, 2009 10:00 pm

lol... so I know this thread is probably suppose to rest in peace since the drama has been over for a while now but... I just wanted to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY LEE MIN HO!!! lol unfortunately I don't know how to say it in Korean yet. But I am getting there.

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Postby matthew254 » June 23rd, 2009 2:30 am

happy birthday in korean = right here ^^

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Postby buugtdbgt » July 20th, 2009 2:32 am

omg im so addicted to it aswell. haha. my mom is even watchin it! and my mom used to hate asian stuff and now shes like i like koreans they are starting to grow on me now.
currently on episode 16 ^^

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Postby codieb » October 5th, 2009 5:57 am

im watching it now im on ep.17 its really good some parts are like hana yori dango lol
ji hoo is sooooo cute in there and jan di is funny i like her lol

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Postby vikaaaa » November 24th, 2009 11:59 pm

I'm also watching it!! actually I've already watched it twice!

Love Kim ***CENSORED*** (Yi Jung!!!)

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