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Learn more about the community and how they are learning Korean and about Korean. Do a little listener-to-listener chit chat. Keep it civil, and everything else goes.
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Postby Alexis » January 6th, 2009 8:46 pm

안녕하세요!!! 저는 윤선 이에요.

Hi everyone! I'm new here! My name is Alexis and I'm a Korean adoptee (which is why I'm learning Korean) in Sydney, Australia. I've tried to learn Korean in the past, but I gave up/got lazy. This year, it's my new year's resolution to do this and not give up! LOL. Unfortunately, I've forgotten a lot of what I'd learnt a few years ago. :cry: But I'm determined to keep going this time! (I'm also hoping to go to Korea sometime in the next couple of years, and it would be nice to have some understanding of the language and culture.)

I love the look of this forum. I'm hoping you guys can help keep me motivated and excited!

I look forward to learning with you all!

P.S. Are there any other adoptees here?
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