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Being placed in Cheonan!! What is it like there?

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Being placed in Cheonan!! What is it like there?

Postby stephanieatuegbu_230573 » March 14th, 2016 10:16 pm

Hello all,

I just received my placement to teach English in Korea. I'll be teaching in Cheonan come May.

I'm really excited but also curious. What's Cheonan like? :)

About me - I'm 25, I like to go to concerts, bars/ night clubs, museums, libraries, plays, movies, and shopping malls. Also, I'm vegan (I don't eat any animal products) and I like to exercise. I'm from the San Francisco Bay Area in California, USA, so I prefer large urban/ suburban areas with lots of people.

My main questions are:
-Will I find things to do there that I like?
-Will I be able to find vegan food there? (at grocery stores or restaurants)
-What are natives usually like towards foreigners?
-Overall, how would you rate Cheonan as a city?
-What should I know before I go? (cultural practices, etc)

If this was too long, basically - What's Cheonan like?


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Re: Being placed in Cheonan!! What is it like there?

Postby community.korean » March 18th, 2016 2:47 am

Hi Stephanie,

Thanks for posting. I have never lived in Cheonan so I can't give you first hand advice, but Cheonan is not a big city, although you will have no trouble finding supermarkets, cafes, restaurants and so forth. It will be different from SF--definitely quieter.
I am not sure about the nightlife there...however, there is a subway that will take you from Cheonan to Seoul, so you could try going to Seoul on the weekends, where you can find good public libraries as well as trendy cafes, bars, clubs and restaurants.

Sorry this wasn't much help.

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