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End of Season Review Test Feature? Quiz Revision Maybe?

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End of Season Review Test Feature? Quiz Revision Maybe?

Postby jlstrout » January 24th, 2016 5:27 pm

I have been with since 2012 and I truly want to thank you for teaching me the Korean that I needed when I was living in Korea for 4 years. I am still studying and my learning is VERY SLOW but I am trying to be patient with my self. I love all the PDFs, the audio, and videos. However, I also think it would be nice if I could test myself with an "End of Season" multiple choice questions that reflect the entire season as well as typing questions to test my knowledge to see if I am truly ready for the next season. It could be a great way to test if I understand the grammar points and see if I can construct sentences. I think it would make me feel much more organized with what I am doing instead of doing "popcorn" style of studying, which is making my learning progress very very slow. Maybe, possibly an audio test? Like listening to it and then typing out what is being said and then writing the translation? These are just my thoughts of what would make this course even more perfect :)

P.S. The quiz at the end of the lesson is just not challenging enough for me. They only show words for vocabulary and show no focus on helping to understand grammar points. My vocabulary is very good. But my sentence construction and my speaking is terrible :( Please consider revising the end of lesson quizzes to include grammar and even full sentences would benefit me as well others as well. Otherwise, the "quiz" is just useless. I find more usefulness with plain paper flashcards.



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Re: End of Season Review Test Feature? Quiz Revision Maybe?

Postby jaehwi » January 26th, 2016 11:36 pm

Hello Jennifer,

It's amazing to hear that it's been already almost 5 years that you have studied with us. Thank you for keeping the motivation and studying with our lessons.

I believe you've achieved intermediate level, and as you mentioned, you'll be able to see the process going slower than when you were in absolute beginner level. Since we also got a lot of questions how to improve learning process as an intermediate or advanced learner, we've launched new service Premium plus last year. For me, it seems this will be more helpful for you to improve your Korean as you can get more chances to writing practice and personalized tutoring service using the lessons that you are already familiar with. There should be quiz during the conversation and study sessions with the teacher as well.

In the case that you are interested in, please check out this page.

Thank you, and we'll also consider your suggestions for future lesson development as well.

Jaehwi Lee
Senior Product Manager
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