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Am I crazy?

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Am I crazy?

Postby brunothesheep8180 » August 29th, 2012 8:49 pm

If I asked my family that, I'd get a resounding 'YES MOM'.

I not only want to learn how to speak Korean, but how to read/write it was well. So, I went to hanbooks and ordered a book in Korean. My vocabulary is still pretty non existent since I just started the beginner lessons here, but I am getting pretty good at recognizing Korean letters.

Since English is actually my second language (I'm German by birth and lived there until I got married at 20 and moved to the US), I started learning it pretty early in school, around 5th grade. I did however read a lot of English comics (and music lyrics) as soon as I started studying English. It helped me get a grasp of the language much sooner, and by 8th grade I was fluent in both vocabulary and spoken. So much so that when I met my husband a few years later, he honestly did not believe me when I told him that I was German.

I know Korean will be a tiny bit harder. I'm well past the age of a 5th grader, plus there's the small hurdle of telling my brain that what I'm looking at are actual letters. But seriously, am I crazy for buying a book in a foreign language and planning on translating my way through it?

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Re: Am I crazy?

Postby team.relationships » September 5th, 2012 11:55 am

Hi brunothesheep,

Wow! That's very interesting!

You're able to speak 3 languages including Korean.

Your own Learning language way is very complete and the best of the best.

Try and keep working it.

Please enjoy our lessons as well .

Thanks :wink:

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