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Some broken links

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Some broken links

Postby daakuryu7700 » May 1st, 2011 12:51 am

While grabbing the podcasts I Identified 5 404 errors

News #16 - Video Homework - Audio ... ass101.mp3

News #71 - Time to Say Thank You, Thank You, Thank You! - News ... ass101.mp3

Extra Fun #4 - Advanced Lesson - Lesson Notes ... lesson.pdf

Picture Video Vocab #14 - In a Classroom in Korea - Review ... review.mp3

Absolute Beginner S2 #15 - Is That Enough to Break the Korean Bank? - No Banter Version / Lesson Transcript ... Banter.mp3

When I saw those I went to the page where each of those would be on the site and they are not accessible that way as well.

As a side note; in the the News Section the Link number you click on does not match the podcast number, which made things a bit confusing when trying to figure out if they web links were working or not since the file names did not match until i realized this. (Clicking on 71 for example brought forth New item #69)

jessui Team Member
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Postby jessui » May 25th, 2011 6:02 am

Hi daakuryu!
Thanks for sharing those with us!
The last two (review and no banter version) were links for files that didn't actually exist, so they have been removed.
The Lesson Notes for the Extra Fun lesson have been reuploaded (it may be awhile before it shows up on the feed).

We're still looking into the issue with the 2 News lessons.
Thanks again! :)
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