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Time for fun ?

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Time for fun ?

Postby stardome5983 » November 5th, 2010 6:48 am

Hi everyone !

A quick question for those of you lucky enough to be in Korea right now:

What do you do in your spare time ?

I'm moving to Seoul next spring and I really want to learn a few things, besides Korean (hip-hop, pottery, archery, tea ceremony and a few others).

Also, has anyone joined a club while studying in a KLI ?

I'm going to Yonsei KLI and, if I understood correctly, foreign students are entitled to join a club.

Looking forward to your answer !

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Yonsei KLI

Postby sigrisam » February 8th, 2011 3:43 pm

I guess you meant starting in April? but maybe you're already here. I guess this post is a bit old.

I don't know if you can or not. I have a full time job and do the night classes there, so there's really not a lot of spare time for us to do school clubs.

However, I presume you would be able to ask your professor for guidance if you are in a day class (and you might also be set up with a Yonsei student who can help?)

As far as my free time, besides the typical nights out, this is where you can find your "out-of school" clubs. I'll be doing soccer this spring, as well as American football...and if American football made it to Korea, I'd bet you can find what you're looking for.

Other random free time activities...traveling to the beaches and mountains, trivia nights at western bars, language exchange cafes (often have "fun" activities beyond just learning)'ll find something.

Best of luck, hope that helped.

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