An Intermediate Korean Lesson Review

10 Lessons • 2 Hours, 35 Minutes
Looking for the best intermediate Korean lessons? These lessons will level up your Korean!
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Korean Grand Finale: Before You Leave, Review with Us!
Review the grammar points covered in this series
16 Minutes • Audio
Particle Review
Review particles we've introduced in this series
21 Minutes • Audio
It Should Be Okay!
Learn how to talk about an incident, a person's feelings, or the state of things, and learn how to express an intention or a plan to do something in the future
16 Minutes • Audio
While You're Here, Do Some Work!
Learn how to express doing one or more things based on the fact that the other action is happening
16 Minutes • Audio
Should I Do It Or Not?
Learn about the grammatical structure that expresses hesitation
14 Minutes • Audio
Use Korean to Make Your Wishes Come True
Learn how to express a wish or a hope, and just like when the English verb 'to wish' is used
13 Minutes • Audio
Past Tense: Uncover the Secrets of Your Past in Korean!
Learn how to speak in the past tense using simple Korean verb endings and the construction, "someone/something which + past tense
13 Minutes • Audio
“With” This Lesson, You Can do Anything in Korea!
Learn how to use "with/using," as in the use of tools or materials
11 Minutes • Audio
“About That…”All You Need to Know in Korean!
Learn how to provide helpful background information so your Korean listener will understand the appropriate context for your sentences
12 Minutes • Audio
It's not my fault!
Learn about reported speech and acts as quotation marks
18 Minutes • Audio