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as requested, an introduction ^^

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as requested, an introduction ^^

Postby holdfast » May 27th, 2008 9:57 pm


hey guys!

i've been asked to do an introduction, so here we go!

my name is emily, i'm a 24 year old preschool teacher in nashville tn. i grew up about 2 hours from minneapolis, mn, but i have been in nashville for almost 5 years. as of yet, i have not been to college, but i have had many adventures since completing high school, with learning korean being only one of them. ^^

besides studying foriegn languages (korean and mandarin right now), i am an artist (i mostly paint - nothing realistic - very cartoon-ish. i was a tattoo artist for a few years, but got tired of the drama involved in the tattoo industry), i read a lot, play guitar and piano, and have recently decided that i want to learn how to hip-hop dance (haha! i don't even like hip-hop). i absolutely love kids, and i love teaching english. i will probably go to school one of these first semesters and study teaching or linguistics or something like that.

i am also very active in my church. i would love to be able to work full time with my church or the ministry school at my church, but they don't have any money to pay me right now (which is why i am teaching preschool). i would also love the opportunity to intern with a church in korea! we will see, we will see.

as far as why i study korean: honestly, i woke up one day thinking "oh my gosh, i have to learn korean!" and i have no idea why. i didn't have any korean friends, i didn't know anything about korea, i didn't know anything about the language or the culture.. but i looked up hangul that day and taught myself to read/write/type in about 3 hours and then decided that i was seriously going to study. so i have! it was a year in february. right now my understanding is pretty good, but i have a hard time putting together sentences when i am in converstation (while typing or writing, it is easier). i have a friend that i am meeting with every week who is helping me with that! ^^

i have a k-class blog here.

i am looking forward to getting to know everyone! and i sure hope i can be of some assistance, even though i am sure i will have plenty of questions of my own.

so, where are the rest of the intros, everyone? hyunwoo? keith? c'mon! your turn..

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Postby maxiewawa » May 28th, 2008 12:15 am

Hiphop dancing? You'll love Hyunwoo's work. He actually has the mutant power of being able to warp the fabric of space-time, negating gravity's effect on him.

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Postby Bouks » May 28th, 2008 3:34 am

Yay you! So that confirms it, we are not the same're the awesomer one :wink: 8)

I feel better knowing you've been studying Korean for over a year. On your YouTube video, you speak really comfortably! I thought "Wow, and she calls herself a beginner?"
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