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Help with a baby girl's name

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Help with a baby girl's name

Postby KJulian316_233021 » October 2nd, 2017 8:49 pm


I hope this is okay, I came across this board while googling information on Korean names. My husband is Korean and we want to give our baby girl a Korean middle name. We don't want to ask his mom for help with this because we would like for the baby's name to be a surprise that is announced after her birth.

We like Joonhui, and I understood it to be a unisex name but when I google the name it seems that only men come up so I am unsure. It's important to us that the name includes "hui."

Also, is there a resource where I can look up the various hanja that are associated with each word? I don't know what the hanja variations are for either "Joon" or "hui"

Thank you!

P.S. This site looks like a great resource! I plan to start learning Korean in the next few months once I am officially done with college and have more time.

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Re: Help with a baby girl's name

Postby contactus_231994 » October 5th, 2017 12:17 am

Thank you for posting. Are you able to read Hangul? If so, you could try going to

and typing in the following syllables 준 희 or 준 휘 (you wrote jun-hui and I was not sure whether you were referring to 희(more common), or 휘, so I am writing both). Once you type in 준, it will show a list of all the Chinese characters/meaning. You can probably try to figure out which meaning works best for you.

Sorry we could not be more of help.
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