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Seduction, Caring, Relationships, Sweetness, Courting

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Seduction, Caring, Relationships, Sweetness, Courting

Postby krimsonguru_230567 » March 13th, 2016 3:35 pm

Hi, i want to HEAR and SEE this in korean, breaking it down (written in english also), slowly to normal speed. Include all conversation in courting, trying to get to know, seduction, kindness etc.

1. Do you find me funny?
2. Did you have your lunch yet.
3. Are you hungry.
4. What did you have for breakfast.
5. Can i join you for lunch.
6. There's something i like about you.
7. Call me if you're going to watch a movie.
8. Call me if you're going to watch that movie again.
9. Call me if you're going to watch "name of movie" again.
10. Can we talk slowly.
11. Can we talk in private.
12. We might not be compatible.
13. We are compatible
14. What's your blood type.
15. Im happy being with you.
16. I can't live without you.
17. Where are you going to have a vacation
18. Where do you like to go
19. What are you doing this weekend.
20. Would you like to go to the beach.
21. why not
22. Can you be my best friend
23. Can you be my friend.
24. Can you be my friend forever.
25. I think i like you.
26. I think i like you a little bit.
27. Would you like to go out with me sometimes.
28. Would you like to hang out with me sometimes.
29. Would you like to have coffee with me sometimes.
30. Nice watch.
31. Nice hair
32. Let me look closer
33. What perfume are you wearing
34. I like it
35. I smells good.
36. Can you sit with me
37. Can you join me.
38. Im shy
39. You're funny
40. Do you like gold
41. Do you like diamond.
42. Do you like chocolate
43. You're sweet
44. You're so sweet
45. I think you're sexy
46. When was the last time you cried
47. Did you cry last night.
48. Tell me the story that led to the proposal of your husband.
49. In the beginning i'm shy
50. Im friendly
51. Im caring
52. Do you like to go to universal studios
53. Can i have your number
54. Let me have your number
55. Are you tired
56. Would you like to rest
57. Are you sleepy
58. Would you like to sleep
59. Do you want ice-cream
60. When was the last time you felt in love
61. Are you in love right now.
62. How many children do you have
63. Do you like to be called baby
64. Do you like to be called baby or honey.
65. What the work of your parents
66. When did you come to america
67. Where did you go to high school
68.Whats your hobby
69.Whats your favorite television show
70. Would you like to have dinner sometimes.
71. Can you smile for me
72. Do you like me
73. Did you ever get hurt before.
74. Did you ever fall in love before
75. I'm full (from eating)
75. Thanks for the food
76. If i was your boyfriend, whats the first thing you would say.
77. Are you busy
78. Are you busy tomorrow
79. Are you busy this weekend
80 Do you like the beach
81. Would you go to the beach with me
82. Do you like swimming
89. Would you like to go swimming with me.
90. Do you like the jacuzzi.
91. Whats you're favorite hotel in vegas
92. Do you like funny guys.
93. What sort of guys do you like.
94. When would you like to settle down.
95. What's your favorite food
96. What do you cook usually?
97. Would you like to spend some time with me.
98. Whats you're favorite dessert.
99. Whats your unforgettable experience.
100. I feel like, iv' known you before.

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Re: Seduction, Caring, Relationships, Sweetness, Courting

Postby community.korean » March 14th, 2016 10:16 am

Hi krimsonguru,

Thank you for posting, and for your valuable input. :D

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