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D-4 for non-academic-but-career engineer?

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D-4 for non-academic-but-career engineer?

Postby dkoryo » May 12th, 2014 8:37 am

Hi all,

I'm 33, and have 16 years of working in a specific I.T field which I'd say is fairly-sought after. I'd love to come to Korea and at some point hold the same/similar position. Before this, i'd like to properly (as reasonably as possible, anyway) integrate. To this end, I see the D-4 visa as the best option.

The thing is, I didn't go to University; I opted to take the experience route after accepting my first job offer in the City of London. So far it's paid off, but from what I understand, Korea places the utmost value in formal qualification, and so I fear I'll not be taken seriously even with 16 years of solid experience (no gaps).

So - in anyone's experience: is it within the realms of possibility that a career professional would be accepted on a D-4 programme (and subsequently obtain the relevant visa)?

Many thanks


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Re: D-4 for non-academic-but-career engineer?

Postby ofeliadgrd » June 10th, 2014 7:17 am

Hi dkoryo,

That's a difficult question!
The most important thing is to try! Life always surprises us. :D

Maybe some other user can give you some better suggestion.
Thank you and follow us!
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