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Study Flashcards by Label

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Study Flashcards by Label

Postby Tigerargent » May 22nd, 2011 1:43 am

The way study flashcards used to work is that if I was displaying only the words with a certain label when I clicked "Study Flashcards", it would give me only the words with those labels. Since the interface change, when I click "Study Flashcards" it will only give me *all* the words in My Wordbank (or a random selection from all the words). So it's no longer possible to study words based on the labels.

This makes the labels kind of useless, but worse, it removes something that was extremely helpful and useful. Before, I could study new words daily, review recently learned words a few times a week, and refresh my memory of known words a couple times a month. Now, I'm finding it difficult to learn new words, because they're buried among 100+ words that I've already learned but want to review occasionally.

Could you please bring back the ability to study flashcards based on the labels? I'd really, really appreciate it.
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