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Do Korean employers, care what korean uni I exchanged to?

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Do Korean employers, care what korean uni I exchanged to?

Postby stevenwilson » January 10th, 2009 9:35 pm

===you can skip this boring background and details bit but still answer my question.====
During this past summer I study in Korea for a university summer exchange program. I went to University of Seoul (서울시립대). I am going to study in Korea again for 1 or 2 semesters next fall.

My university has exchange programs with 3 universities, Seoul National University, University of Seoul (서울시립대), Korea University. I can go to any 3 of them. I know SNU is the best and Korea Uni is in the top 3. I know that seoul city university is pretty low by comparison. All three will provide dorm stay and 250 000 won a month allowance, plus $1000 USD towards my plane ticket.

I made friends in Seoul city university and am having trouble deciding where to go. I would like to have the ability work in Korea in the future. I will be taking courses in English, 2 intermediate Korean language classes, and possibly a Chinese language class (taught in Korean). Even though 2 of the universities are much more prestigious, since the courses are taught in English, doesn't that mean I am not getting any of the professors which make those institutions prestigious?

Would future employers in Korea think I am super awesome for having studied at one of the best universities? or would they think I just took comparatively easy English courses?

I want to go to 서울시립대 because I have some friends there. I want to go to Korea Uni because it is pretty close to 서울시립대and it is prestigious. and my Korean friend in Calgary advised me to not care about the friends I made there and just go to Seoul National because it is the best.

==== irrelevant back story and details ends here.====

I am mainly torn between 서울시립대, and Korea uni. Please tell me the differences employers would perceive between the different universities. My home university is the University of Calgary, which isn't exactly Harvard, if I go to one of the prestigious universities, will I fail every course because the local Korean students are so hardcore? thanks allot.

Thank you in advance for helping me even though I am not a participating member in the forums.

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Postby kyuree » January 11th, 2009 2:55 pm

I will probably not be very helpful...

I guess the name of the uni is the most important when applying somewhere.
Yet, by logic the cool thing about attending one of the best universities in Korea is that you actually passed the university entrance exam with a score that allowed you to study at one of the best unis. From what I heard (but this might not be true) in Korea, once you've made it onto a university things are fairly easy. So by my logic it's only praiseworthy if you actually passed the university entrance exam with an outrageous score to get accepted. Since you're an exchange student you don't need to take the exam...

Afterall, though, I'm pretty sure to choose the most famous university will be best for your CV.
About making friends... you could still see them after classes, no?
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