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I want to find a Korean Friend

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I want to find a Korean Friend

Postby chinabiz » December 1st, 2008 3:00 pm

Hello, world
I'm learning Korean by myself, and I try to find some Korean Friends for some time but failed after I sent multi mails to people from, kbs and etc.

Well, by chance I find KoreanClass101 and I hope I can find Korean Friends here who I in future may turn to help when I have questions learning Korean.

Thanks so much!

yours Liu
my email is

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Postby bleulavande » December 1st, 2008 8:24 pm


you can find here for sure people to answer your questions

I can also give you a link (thanks to Hyunwoo ! i saw the link on his blog :D )

it's an international community, you write your messages in the language you are studying and you have them corrected by a native speaker, and you do the same for people who learn your language

it's very interactive, each day I write some phrases in the evening, and in the morning, because of the time difference, i have the corrections or the answer if it's a question.
it's a great help and i really, really, really want to thank Hyunwoo because there is an exchange and every body can help ( i needed not just to receive but also to give and you can find this on this site...and you can, it's not so difficult because you help in your own langage )

have a nice day

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Postby matthew254 » December 1st, 2008 10:24 pm

woah bleulavande I might just join that one - that sounds awesome!

I can speak for it is primarily aimed at joining english - korean speakers for social networking and/or language exchange. some people use it for the forums by posting intercultural points of interest, others join so as to join the video webcam chatroom, while others (like myself) have regular email correspondence. In my case, most of my friends on hanlingo are from Korea but I have met a few who are foreigners who are also learning Korean.

It's also interesting to point out that I have four different ways that I communicate with people on Hanlingo. They are:

1) I write in English - they respond in English
2) I write in Korean - they respond in English
3) I write in Korean - they respond in Korean
4) I write in English - they respond in Korean

then of course there's a few who we email back in forth in both languages.

It's a mixed bag but overall, it's netted me some very nice real-life friends. I actually get pretty busy emailing back everyone. As of now, I have about 15 people who I exchange emails on a regular basis (1-3 times a week). Also, I like it because I get a lot of practice typing in Korean. Plus, I get to ask a lot of questions that get answered by real people who speak real Korean. I've found that the vast majority of the content I learn from KC101 is right on target with natural, everyday Korean (as opposed to some of my textbooks). High five Keith!

Anyways, hanlingo just recently had a real-life meetup in Seoul which 현우 can talk more about :)

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Postby hyunwoo » December 2nd, 2008 12:57 am

Yeah, is a great website for overal language exchange, but is more spefically for people who want to make more Korean friends ^^

I was really happy to be at their first regular meet-up last weekend and met a lot of inspiring people, both from Korean and from outside Korea :) you'll love the site!

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Postby Chriss » December 2nd, 2008 9:43 pm

I know I didn't ask, but thanks for the tip!!! =D!

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Thanks to all!

Postby chinabiz » December 3rd, 2008 1:22 pm

Well, thanks so much to all those comment back!

And I've send emails to some of you guys, hope you will email me back to my questions:)

So, thanks again.

The day after tomorrow, I'm going traveling to HuangShan Mountain and ShangHai, HanZhou, hope will bring interesting experiences to share with you all.

Best wishes!

yours Liu

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