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PDA in KDramas

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PDA in KDramas

Postby wilburnwhitley5452 » May 19th, 2013 5:29 am

When I first started learning about korean culture I found out couples in Korea hardly show public displays of affection. In the US it is pretty common to see couples kissing, holding hands, snuggling, etc. in public but it is very strange and somewhat inappropriate in Korea. I learned this fact about a year and a half ago but recently I've found that all the newer dramas that I have been watching have a lot more PDA between characters. Some of the older dramas I have watched with PDA featured the drama extras looking at the couple showing PDA very shocked and/or uncomfortable. Recently I've seen a lot of PDA and the extras don't seem to display that disdain they did before. Is this correlating with culture changes in Korea now? Is PDA becoming more acceptable or is it just me?

kc101com Team Member
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Re: PDA in KDramas

Postby kc101com » May 27th, 2013 12:23 pm

Hello Wilburn,

That is a great observation!:)

I reckon these days PDA is a bit more tolerated than it was before forsure.

But still it is a bit away from the western where you see high school girls and boys kissing in the locker and make out and so on.

Holding hands are widely accepted but definitely not to the point where you don't see from the dramas as they tend to be a bit more provocative because of the natures.

Yet don't worry as it wouldn't be as strict as muslim countries!;)

Thank you

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