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French politician finds connection with Korean culture

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French politician finds connection with Korean culture

Postby ryancaleb254_232903 » September 7th, 2017 7:39 am

Korea was never on the travel wish list of French politician Jean-Vincent Place, President of the French Ecologist Party. As a Korean adoptee, who was raised by a French couple in France since the age of seven, he intentionally did not have any interest in Korea, the country that he used to believe had abandoned him.

But Place’s hard-line stance on Korea began to soften after getting to know Park Heung-shin, Korea’s former ambassador to France. And Place developed a deeper interest in the country after visiting Korea for the first time seven years ago, during which he met a number of welcoming people, including Choi Jung-hwa, President of Corea Image Communication Institution (CICI), a nonprofit that promotes Korean culture overseas.

“Through my visit to Korea, I overcame the resentment I had towards the country, and eventually got to know more about the country I was born in. I’m glad to have discovered the roots of my origin,” Place told the Korea JoongAng Daily in an interview Tuesday.

Since then, Place has visited Korea numerous times, and he returned this year after he was invited to the Culture Communication Forum (CCF), an annual event hosted by CICI.

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Re: French politician finds connection with Korean culture

Postby team.relationships » September 7th, 2017 10:03 am

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