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flirting/dating culture

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flirting/dating culture

Postby iDoof » April 18th, 2010 11:08 pm

So, in the US it's fairly common, I'd say, to flirt with a cute girl who works at a coffee shop, or something and end up going on a date. Is this the case in Korea too? Because I know the big thing in Korea is the group blind date (미팅) where small groups of guys meet up with groups of girls and do that sort of thing. Is the whole "picking up" someone in a public place (not a bar, cause that's different story) totally foreign, or not really?

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Postby AndyS1987 » April 20th, 2010 1:03 am

It's not uncommon at all. Although in Korea, people are pretty reserved in public, in certain settings it flirting happens on a regular basis. You can already guess what those are - clubs, bars, etc. Especially in clubs you will see guys approach girls constantly. My girlfriend took me to club NB 2 in 홍대 and I saw tons of it, partly because the guys are liquored up, and partly because it's accepted behavior there. I wouldn't recommend trying it anywhere else though, or you might come off as a creep lol.
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