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Punching machines in the street

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Punching machines in the street

Postby hyunwoo » September 13th, 2007 10:38 pm


Some of you might have seen this elsewhere but probably not all of you. But even if you haven't seen them before, it's pretty easy to guess what they are - Yes, they are a punch game machine and a kick game machine.

It's 500 won to play one round (three punches or kicks), and if your punch is stronger than usual, you will get an extra round to hit the sack. Under 'normal' circumstances, it's not much fun and it's even just painful to hit a sack fixed on a steel stick like that, but if you are hanging out with your friends and therefore a little bit 'tipsy', that's a differet story. It's usually men who play it than women, and haha, the alcohol in your brain will convince you that you don't feel any pain from the finger-breaking punching or the ankle-spraining kicks when you can't really focus well under the influence of alcohol. :D So be careful!!

The phrase that's written on the machine in the right picture is "체력은 국력", meaning "your physical strength is the strength of your country". A campaign phrase that every man in Korea gets used to hearing in the Army. But is it still really true? :D

But you can spot at least one punch game machine of this kind if you go for a drink where many bars are located close to one another - because people who install these machines know that after drinking you get more courageous and brave, and you would definitely want to give someone or at least something a hard punch, without having to go to the police.

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Postby HighTreason » June 22nd, 2008 10:38 am

Yeah, my favorite is "Girl Fighter!" Is this for guys who want to punch a girl but are too gentlemanly to actually do it? LOL
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