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Finally Found!! Good Korean ebooks!!

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Finally Found!! Good Korean ebooks!!

Postby gryffindor » September 14th, 2014 7:37 am


I'm an intermediate learner (Yonsei Bk 4A) and was struggling to find quality reading material to level up. Newspapers are too tough, children's websites are too simple. Finally, stumbled upon this...

1) Go to Kyboo website
2) Sign up for an account
3) Visit this link ... ck=LAN&Kc=
4) The link in point 3 goes to Book 1 of this series.
5) Buy it!
6) Download the Kyobo Reader app on iTunes or Google Playstore
7) Login and download the book you've purchased!

I've finished reading Book 1. I felt it was a tad easy. So, perhaps if you're a good at Korean you could choose Book 10? Anyway, it's cheap, convenient and easy. The stories are Korean folk stories with some traditional illustrations and come with short explanations as well. Very very good.

I'm sharing this in the hopes we can generate enough demand and see more variety of such quality products. Every book goes a long way!

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Re: Finally Found!! Good Korean ebooks!!

Postby community.korean » September 18th, 2014 7:56 am

Hi there,

Thanks for sharing the information with us! :D

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