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KoreanClass101's Flashcards

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KoreanClass101's Flashcards

Postby maneo70002968 » June 2nd, 2013 10:41 pm

I've always loved the flash cards because they are fun and easy to use. I like it more than using my own Spaced Reptition Program because it includes audio and it is so quick to transfer words from lessons.

However, recently my flashcards seem to have gone crazy! All my decks are filled with words that I have never heard or learned before and have appeared in place of the cards that are supposed to be there. The program claims that I have already learned or mastered these words even though I haven't ever even seen them! And the flashcards that I knew and loved are gone. Phrases like "Nice to meet you" are suddenly replaced with phrases like 눈에 넣어도 아프지 않다
- so lovely, so beautiful (lit. Even if I put [something] in my eye, it won't hurt). While it might be fun to learn phrases like that, I am no where near that level and I don't know where these phrases even came from!

I'm posting here because I'm curious if anyone else in the community has ever had a similar problem or if its just something I'm have trouble with. I don't know if I should just delete the words I don't know and start over adding words, or if I should wait to hear back from support.

Anyone here know anything?

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Re: KoreanClass101's Flashcards

Postby kc101com » June 4th, 2013 9:14 pm

Hello Maneo,

We are so sorry to hear that you are going through such troubleshooting.

Would love to help you out and could you please send this message to ?

The IT team could definitely try to help you out on this - if not, they will try to sort it out for you on what to do to make it happen!

Hope it works out well!

Thank you

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