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iPhone versus Android for Learning Korean apps???

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Hello Gudrun,

Postby timandyou » February 7th, 2011 2:35 am

Thanks for the comment, Gudrun...
I want to help you but, I - myself - don't know anything about them....
Is there anyone who is a expert on those devices??? "We need a help here!"
Okay, let's see~~ who can help you?
Tim 8)

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Postby tonygr » March 24th, 2011 8:30 am

I'm late with this post so I know by now you've probably found several Korean language learning iPhone/iTouch apps for your device.

However, I recently purchased an iTouch and have spent the past week scouring the internet for some good Korean language apps and came across few. If you already have these then it should be very helpful for future visitors.

  1. First and foremost if you haven't already, make sure your iPod/iTouch is set in the Korean language as well as have the keyboard installed. You can do this in the "Settings->General->International" screen.
  2. 클럽고스톱 - This is a Korean card game called Go-Stop. If you don't know how to play it, there are several resources online where you can learn how to play. It's been hard for me to find a good Go-Stop game on the internet and this is a VERY good app. Not only do you learn how to play the Korean game but all text and sounds are in Korean as well.
  3. US Social Networking - Download the following apps: Skype, MSN messenger, Twitter, Yahoo. These are probably the most used US Social Networking sites used by Korean natives.
  4. Korean Social Networking - I have Cyworld (something like MySpace), NateOn (IM Messenger), Naver (Korea's version of Google -- so i'm told), and Me2Day (Korea's version of Twitter). You will need a Naver and a Cyworld account to use these apps and the only way to get that is to use your passport/driver's license for ID verification. There's a post somewhere on this forum board that shows you how to do it.
  5. gFlash - One of the best Flashcard programs out there. You can create your own custom flashcards via Google Docs. However, the free version doesn't let you view your flashcards offline. If you have an iPhone, get the free version since iPhones are basically connect online anyway, but if you have an iTouch get the full version, it's pretty cheap.
  6. Radio Programs - There are several Korean radio programs that speak only in Korean. Do a search in your app store. I have "Radio Plus: 한국도로공사 " & "Radio Korea"
  7. Naver's Dictionary - Go to "" in your browser and save that page on your home page desktop. Now whenever your click that icon, you'll have one of the best Korean-English dictionary around.
  8. TalkToMeInKorean - This website has an app that has all of their content readily accessible from a user-friendly app
  9. Crunchyroll - Use this app to watch Korean dramas on your iPhone/iTouch for free. You'll be prompted to create an account but you really don't need one. I haven't created one and I'm still enjoying "Flames of Desire". Yoon NaYoung is a cold cold woman... hehe
  10. KBS Let's Learn Korean - This is another website that has an app that provides easy access to all of their content.
  11. KBS 뉴스 - Here is a news app that features articles, audio, and video as part of their content.
  12. 청소년 은어사전 - This is a slang dictionary but be aware that even the definitions are in full Korean. I think it's one of those apps where it teaches older people what the younger generations are saying. Yes, there's even an ebonics in the Korean language also. I like this app cause you learn new words and there's supplemental audio for every word as well.
  13. 영어회화사전 - This app was originally created to help Koreans learn English, but you can find use out of it as well. The audio will be in English.
  14. Feed Me! Korean - This is actually a game made for Korean children to teach shapes and colors. If you having problems learning or want to learn/refresh yourself on shapes and colors this is a good app to have. All of the audio is in Korean. There is a full version but I haven't tried nor do I know the additional features.
  15. Korean Study Buddy - This app is limited to 180 words and works like a flashcard program. Most of the words are beginner/lower intermediate words. If you've surpassed that, this probably won't be too helpful for you, if you can get gFlash instead. Otherwise its a great app to have.
  16. Download other Korean language-only apps - I've downloaded several 교보 사점 (Kyobo Bookstore - like Barnes & Nobles) apps to see what are some new books & reviews released in Korean. I learn Korean by reading other responses and I come across some nice books that I've added to my wishlist to study in the future. Take this time to find other Korean language-only apps through the App Store.
  17. In addition to downloading Korean language-only apps - I've also downloaded "Naver Webtoon" (which is an archive of webtoons/comics published on their site. Naver Map - Like Google Maps this is the entire globe except in Korean.

Now I'm looking for a free/low-cost international SMS app so I can send SMS to my Korean buddies out in Korea. I haven't found a good one yet but I'm still searching.

It's all a matter of entering the right keywords in the search function of the App Store. I've only had mines a week and I've found all of these apps and more. Search for news sites and radio'll find plenty of these. Some will have low ratings or low number ratings and I've learned that this is because it is only gathering the reviews from the US region so don't let that scare you away from downloading and testing/trying new apps. All most all of the apps I mentioned have low ratings but I have found it to be very helpful in my language learning.

If you or anyone else find any other useful apps, post and let me know. I'm always searching for new ones.[/list]

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Postby julialim » March 25th, 2011 3:10 am


Thank you tonygr 님

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Postby rclott5205 » May 21st, 2011 9:47 pm

Regarding international SMS service, I used to use one called ipipi years ago. I had searched for free ones, and never found a satisfactory one. It was paid, but the price wasn't outlandish for my usage (in fact I still have 200+ "units" remaining). The bad point is that (at the time) it wouldn't successfully send Hangeul. After a lot of discussion with their helpful tech support, this turned out to be a limitation in the international SMS "system" itself, and not something being restricted by There may be other options available these days, but I wanted to point this one out. Also, seems like you can SMS from within your Nate-On account, but it also costs a small fee? Now that I live in Seoul, I don't have much use for it anymore.

To add to your list of apps, I've used a good dictionary for years from a company called Diotek on two different PDA devices, and now on my Andriod. I also will check out the Naver dictionary you recommended, if it is available for Andriod.

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Postby tonygr » May 22nd, 2011 6:36 pm

Okay, it's been awhile since I last posted and I promised that I would post more Korean iTouch apps. And frankly, I downloaded dozens (if not more than 100) apps and played with them. I'm going to share the most effective for language study. Be sure to read the first post for more apps as I am excluding those in this post:

But first, let me exclude some of the apps I mentioned. These apps are good to have but there are better alternatives and some of the apps may not be as useful as I thought it would be initially (**Note: This is also based on my own opinion so some may find the apps useful when I haven't)
1. Korean Study Buddy – Frankly, if you download gFlash, you won't need any other flashcard app. Just create your own and practice yourself. Gflash, IMO, is undoubtedly the best flashcard app out there. All of the other flashcards apps are pre-made flashcards.
2. Naver Webtoon – Now I'm not necessarily excluding this app but just want to make an emphasis that there are TONS of downloadable comics and webtoons out there. Here are some names you can search for:
a. 콕존만화
b. 네이트만화
c. VirtualWare Co.
d. DaolSoft Co.
e. In addtion to this, you can also exclude Naver Webtoon and download Naver's complete app just called “Naver”. This app will include Naver Webtoons as well as dozens of other goodies, such as blog, news, dictionary, and etc. Basically the entire Naver site accessible on your device. You can also download:
3. Daum

Now here are some new apps I recommend
1. Audio books – There are a couple of audio books that I've ran into that are great for practicing listening. Search for 소리잡지1 & 소리잡지2. These audio books come with text as well so you can follow along. Also, 소리잡지2 is normally updated on a daily basis. The only bad thing about 소리잡지2 is that you can’t save your favorite readings for later. The bad thing about 소리잡지1 is that even though you can save your favorite readings there are no updates. Also search “Changbi Publishers” for more audio books.
2. Social Media
a. HiThere
b. 카카오 수다
c. 카카오 톡 – This app is pretty popular in Korean and acts as a FREE text messaging service with full Hangul support. If your Korean buddy has a smartphone with Kakao Talk, then all you have to do is download the app, make sure your friend's phone number is saved in your contacts, and Kakao Talk will automatically search the number. Be sure to include the country code as well. There is also a nifty feature where you can export your text messages to your e-mail so you can study your conversations on your own. My only gripe about this app is that the spell corrector will change your word without your knowledge. So be sure to re-read your sentence before you send. Do you know how embarrassing it is to call a Korean girl a different name because your iTouch thinks you wanted to say a different word???
d. 유명인 트윗 – This app is a search app for twitter pages of Korean celebrities. See what they’re tweeting about.
e. 스타홈피 – This is another search app for Cyworld Pages of Korean celebrities. You will need a Cyworld login to use this app.
3. 백점에 수학 - This is actually a math program designed to help Korean children study simple mathematics. What's great about this is the entire app is full of cartoons with Korean subtitles (You know the little bubble when they speak). Another great app for practicing listening and math grammar structures.
4. 느끼제왕 & 애교여왕 & 회화표사전 & 대신욕해드림 - Many may like these apps because these are apps that teaches Korean learners how to flirt. The premium version only costs a few bucks (I forget the actual price at the moment but if I'm correct it should be no more than $1.99) and it comes with tons of phrases to flirt with your Korean boyfriend/girlfriend. The last app mentioned has your slang, abusive, and dirty words so be careful how and who you use those phrases with.
5. 밑져야 본전! - Here's another flirty app that provides you with situational flirts. Basically, rebuttals in case if your shot down the first time. It comes with those funny “cat” pics depending on the answer. Haha
6. 식물이름찾기 – This app is somewhat like a picture flashcards that has hundreds of vocabulary surrounding flowers & trees. Each picture also comes with a complete Korean-language only description of the flower.
7. In addition to CrunchyRoll, here are a few internet TV programs you can download.
a. 매일방송
b. 한국경제TV
c. TVRanking – This just shows what shows are popular in Korean. “Korean language only”
d. On Air Live
e. 키움체널K
8. In addition to the Korean Radio programs, here are a few additions you can search and download.
a. R-2 Player
b. Hot Radio KR
c. 라디오 주파수
d. MBC mini
e. SBS 고릴라
f. YTN
g. RadioSeoul
h. KBS World
i. Radio Korea
j. 고속도 정보
k. Cue Radio
9. In addition to KBS News, here are a few more news sites you can search and download.
a. 아시아 경제
b. MBS 뉴스
c. 케이웨더
e. 뉴스케스트
f. 포토뉴스
g. 공짜신문
h. 사랑방신문
i. SmartNews
j. 스포츠한국
10. I'm a finance guy, so I also study the Korean stock market and business news. If this is your field (finance/business), here are some apps you can download.
a. 한국경제증권
b. Goodi smart
c. 금융용어사전
d. 지식경제 용어 사전
e. 클린보트
f. 머니투데이
g. Also, try some searches in your field of study. If you a medical person, I'm sure there are some Korean medical apps you can download. I did find some Korean museum apps that gives a description of particular items you'd find in their museum. This is especially helpful for art majors or those that love art. Give it a try and share it with others.
11. Korean history – Speaking of Korean history, here are some Korean-language only apps that teaches the history of Korea.
a. 조선상고사
b. 독도
c. 한국사 연표
12. Korean books – here are some Korean book apps
a. NoraeBook – Ever been to a noraebang and you are having to search and search for your favorite song through that thick book? This app allows you to search and save your favorite songs & Karaoke #, so you can access it easily. Yes, it's true...I REALLY like this app.
b. A bunch of other books that act as a library of ebooks – 이북클럽, Yes24eBook, 교보문고검색 & 교보 도서관, Bookcube,
c. Here are a bunch of cook books (surprise your Korean buddy with a native dish that you made yourself) – 스로리쿡, 소박한 한그릇, Korean Cuisine,
d. Search “BigBook” for other Korean language books.
13. 가톨릭성경 – This is for those that follow religion. If so, here is a must-have for those that read the bible, like myself.
14. SpeedUp – This is a great program for practicing listening. It is an audio player so you will need your own audio files. It has a “Study Mode” to where you can set certain parts of an audio file to repeat continuously.
15. Italk – This is an recording program and is great for practicing your own dialog and speech. Just record it and practice listening. One of the best ways to practice listening is to listen to your own voice.
16. Lingq – This website has a useful app if you are a regular user of the site. Simply create your lingqs on the site and it will automatically download to your iTouch. It is also usable if you are not near a wireless connection.
17. Hanja – If your interested in learning hanja, do a search in the iTunes store. There are several FREE apps that are designed to teach your from the absolute beginner level. Most apps are free but if you find a demo version, most likely it will at least teach your the first 1,000 characters.
18. 팟게이트S – This app provides links to free & cheap Korean and American apps that you probably wouldn't find in the iTunes store. A great addition to have.
19. AppFree – This is similar to Pat Gate S and gives you all types of free apps where you can download. Just browse through those apps that have hangul and you'll have some free apps readily available that updated daily. But don't get to excited, there's not many Korean language apps but you'll find a treasure every once in awhile. These is where I found a lot of the comics, finance apps, and etc. Just try your luck and see what you find.
20. 한글 타이핑 – Now this doesn't necessarily teach you Korean, but if you would like to increase your hangul typing speed this is the app for you.
21. Korean Word of the Day – Just as the title says, you get a new Korean vocabulary every day.
22. Vocab Champ

Here are some Korean language only games that may be helpful for your studies “Considering if you don't focus too much on the game rather than the language... hehehe”
1. Pucca's Restaurant – Do you know the facebook game “Cafe World”? This is exactly the same except it's just the Korean version. Makes you wonder which came first, doesn't it?
2. 진짜 맞고 - I mentioned GoStop earlier, which is still a great game, except this GoStop game teaches you how to use Tajja tricks to win. I know I'll never be a Tazza, but it's cool seeing how some Tazza use tricks to win loads of money. Tip of the day: Never ever ever play Go-Stop against a Tazza!!
3. 허슬당구 - This is a pool game and personally I couldn't get into it. But just because I couldn't doesn't mean that you won't so I'm including it anyway.
4. 게임공략겜톡 – This app is actually a forum board of Korean natives leaving reviews of American & Korean gaming apps. It good to practice reading (though most is shortened slang so get ready for a challenge) and you may find a good Korean game or two without my help!

Now here are some apps I PAID for. Basically, I wanted to turn my iTouch into a cheap version of a traditional electronic language dictionary. So I searched some of the dictionaries that are included on an electronic language dictionary. Please note that these apps are NOT free and some that I purchased ranged up to nearly $20 (But all in all, still came out cheaper than buying an electronic language dictionary). I don't remember the prices so it is up to you to check the prices before downloading.
1. Collins Phrasebook & Dictionary
2. YBM English-Korean Dictionary
3. Picture dictionary
4. AE Conversation – This app is designed for Koreans studying English but the premium version comes with hundreds of phrases that is very useful for the Korean language learner as well. Just note that all of the audio is in English.
5. LingoPal

Okay that’s it for now. If I find more, I’ll post them here. But this should be plenty to hold everyone over for a good while.

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